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It’s premature to call it a “Euro Spring” in gay porn in general, but studios across the pond have been serving up some good stuff lately. Like the underwater blow job that wasn’t the biggest thing about the Staxus three way earlier ….

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This stalking turned cock sucking in a cable car (in car #69 natch) ride across the mountains was just foreplay filler footage. The main event in “The Cable Car” from KristenBjorn today happens back at the flat.

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The sinister bend of Karl Lion’s fat cock looks like a plunger creating an internal vacuum first with Carl than with Manuel. Triple cum swapping and double creams pies are served for dessert.

[Watch Cody Banx, Karl Lion, Manuel Olveyra Go From Cable Car to Cream Pie]

From KristenBjorn:

Karl is out using the observatory for his own gains as he spies upon Cody. Cody has a feeling that he is being watched and catches Karl red handed. They connect and decide to take Cable Car 69 for a ride. During the panoramic ride Karl releases his huge, curved, uncut cock that Cody immediately swallows all the way down his throat. Cody brings Karl back to his apartment where they are met up by Cody’s flat mate Manuel. As any good guest would do, Karl drops to his knees and begins to service the flat mates cocks. As the men trade up positions, Cody and Manuel are impassioned to service Karl’s ever impressive cock.

Karl positions Manuel and Cody on top of each other and begins working over both of their asses, preparing them for the invasion of his huge cock. Working his tongue from one ass to the other Cody and Manuel become even closer flat mates. Karl re-positions Cody into perfect alignment for his curved cock to invade his eager hole as Cody fucks Manuel’s ass with his hungry tongue. Karl pummels Cody’s ass, in and out, deeper and harder with each new thrust. The perfect curve of Karl’s cock easily penetrates deep inside of Cody. Cody is flipped onto his back as Karl pounds his ass deep and Manuel feeds his stiff cock to Karl’s awaiting lips.

Manuel finally gets his turn as Karl fills his ass with his hot cock and Cody feeds his ragging hard cock to Manuel. Karl teases Manuel’s ass by pulling out then thrusting his cock balls deep until Manuel can hold back no longer. Manuel explodes a huge load of cum that Cody greedily laps up then feeds it back to Manuel. Karl showers Manuel’s ass with his creamy load then deposits the last remaining drops deep inside his ass. Cody moves in and also coats Manuel’s ass then rams his cum drenched cock deep inside of Manuel’s ass. Ready for a ride on the Cable Car?
[Watch the Full Scene]

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