Peter Pounder Is Well Named

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I sure like the sound of “New Meat Thursday” and especially like the sounds of the new meat in action this Thursday at GuysInSweatpants. Elliot Blue is front and center today as he sound be. Elliot loves getting railed on, the harder the better and twice for bigger. Today he gets a pretty good walloping of both.

The new meat has a name: Peter Pounder. Granted, he looked pretty twinky down to cute little striped boxer briefs that matched perfectly to his shirt. Those briefs were bulging and when Elliot finally got a look at the meat, so were his eyes. He didn’t get to see much of it though, it spent most of the time nailing his ass raw and silly.

[Watch Peter Pounder Pound Elliot Blue ’till He’s White]

From GuysInSweatpants:

Peter is a very curious guy- especially when it comes to sex. He’s new to exploring gay sex, but says he’s really enjoying it. He also really enjoys being aggressive in bed, so it only made sense to let him have his way with one of our most insatiable bottoms, Elliott Blue. Their sexual chemistry was fucking insane, which was obvious as they ravaged each other all over the bed. Between the constant kissing, rimming, raw fucking, and Peter fucking the cum out of Elliott at the end, I don’t know what was hotter. Peter blew his load all over Elliott’s hole, and then worked the cum in with his still fingers and still throbbing cock. If you like watching boys shower and fucking, watch until the end!
[Watch this Scene]

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