Introducing The New Dean Of Fucking

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[Watch Kyle Dean’s Work His Fat Cock With Glee]

Yep guys, the trailer right at the top this time around. Our friends at GayHoopla premiered this scene on Black Friday with the premiere on a new tasty morsel, Kyle Dean. Just look at that expansive chest, the big gunz, the treasure trail. That fat cock. Then the real feast – that ass. Round, high, tight, with a dusting of fur and a cherry hole underneath … oh yes, Daddy likey.

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It’s like Chris Colfer from Glee had a twunkier 18 year-old brother who just started doing gay porn. A hung, horny brother who likes to show off the skills of his dick pipe rather than his wind pipe.

GayHoopla on Kyle Dean:

What else can we say, Kyle Dean is to die for. This fresh-faced 18-year-old stud really gets our heart racing. He’s got a handsome face, and Greek physique. His hairy bubble butt is to die for, and we wish we could just spread his ass and motorboat it ourselves. His thick, giant cock literally had us drooling and thinking we’d like that instead of turkey this Thanksgiving. Happy Holidays everyone, We hope Kyle Dean stuffs our turkey.
[Watch the Full Video]

And as we’ll see next, lil bro knows to throw a mean fuck too …

Any lingering “Glee” imagery will now exit stage right. Along with today, GayHoopla didn’t try and pass on Cyber Monday with a scene not ready for prime time. Kyle Dean is back for his first of everything with a man. And what a man, one of my favorites, Phillip Andarko who we haven’t seen since that amazing “Edge of Desire” finale orgy last March. Phillip is just a man who looks even more handsome when he’s getting fucked. No wonder GayHoopla smartly calls him when it’s time for a tour guide for “Mano-a-Mano” land.
maybe it’s because his ass would even give a statue a hard on. Just look at the effect it had on Kyle …


[Watch Phillip Andarko Helicopter As He’s The First Guy Ever to Ride The Newbie]

GayHoopla Adds:

Soda-can-sized dick, Kyle Dean, Fucks Phillip Anadarko’s incredible ass. Why not pair a newbie Kyle Dean, with a veteran dick-taker, Phillip Anadarko. Kyle was certainly giddy for his first adult gay scene. He’s freshly 18 with a huge smile on his face, ready to explore his sexuality. He was much more passionate then we expected. Making out with Phillip almost looked like his favorite part. He would later grab Phillip’s head while being blown, and fed him his cock. Finally Kyle got the chance to probe Phillip… ooooooh how Kyle’s face lit up like an angel. Kyle Dean is fucking hot, it’s no wonder he’s presently the most requested first choice for our GayHoopla contest.
[Watch their Full Scene]

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