Nicoli Cole Is Going Down

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“Don’t stop! I like it!” says Nicoli Cole in his sexy Italian accent as Ryan Rose holds him down and fucks him silly for Falcon in “Sex Pad.” Then Nicoli brings his bottom on top and slam fucks himself until they fall together in a cum and sweat covered heap. Wet Wipes anyone?

[Watch Nicoli Cole Impale Himself on Ryan Rose]

From Falcon:

When Ryan Rose compliments the view from the Sex Pad, Nicoli Cole interjects, ‘it’s beautiful’… but he’s more mesmerized by Ryan’s luscious butt, not the sprawling view outside. Kissing, they instantly take each other’s clothes off. Nicoli is eager to feast on Ryan’s hard cock and lick his smooth torso. Ryan smiles, squeezes his pecs and pushes Nicoli onto the bed, sprawled out and ready to be taken. Ryan swallows Nicoli’s cock fully and sucks on his balls. Nicoli rolls over and Ryan sticks out his tongue for Nicoli to rub against.

Ryan mounts him doggie style, corkscrewing while Nicoli moans in tune to the rhythm. Two hot butts move sensuously, Ryan’s sliding into Nicoli, and Nicoli’s as it takes each stroke. Sounds of passionate man-sex ricochet off the walls. Nicoli aggressively detaches and flips Ryan onto his back, re-mounting on his cock and squeezing Ryan’s throat. Screaming that he’s ‘gonna cum,’ Nicoli expels a stream of hot cum onto Ryan’s torso, then dismounts and jacks out Ryan’s load for him, slurping up the semen and the sweat, then bending forward for one last kiss. [Watch this Scene]

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