Have A Booming New Year!

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Happy 2016 Gentleman! I have had a blast closing out the year here at GayPornBlog and I sure appreciate all of you who have followed along.

Seems the most fitting way to end the year is with my personal favorite scene of 2015: the finale of Fame Game with NakedSword Exclusive Mickey Taylor and Falcon Studio Group Exclusive Boomer Banks.

If you think these are fireworks, unzip, scroll down, and just watch …

From all of us at GayPornBlog, The Sword and NakedSword, have a sexy New Year’s Eve!

Originally Posted November 25, 2015

A large part of the Adam Ramzi’s sleazy character in Fame Game was established by the power play of an ass reaming he gave Leon Fox in the first scene. To me, that is what makes Fame Game such a memorable, sexy movie. Who does what and to who is not just remarkably hot, it advances the plot as to “why” the way a production number advances the story in a Broadway Show.

Fame Game is not pedestrian sex just stuffed into a few stage directions masquerading as a script. Rather, the performers were taken out of their comfort zones emotionally and sexually with explosive results – and I chose that word carefully. Each cum shot was bigger than the last … a trend that carries over into our finale today.

In the second episode, NakedSword Exclusive Killian James’s opportunistic topping of Kyle Kash’s golden ass continued to move things along. Then there was Bray Love’s and that cum drenched grunge fuck by Topher Dimaggio. Now, it all comes down to this. NakedSword Exclusive Mickey Taylor and Falcon Studio Group Exclusive Boomer Banks in the finale of this Naked Sword Originals production, “Taste of Revenge.” Like the trifecta of scenes that has come before, Mickey and Boomer are fucking for a purpose that the entire movie has been leading up to.

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Boomer plays Mickey’s mentor and manager. When a broken-hearted Mickey couldn’t take to the stage, Boomer took out his secret weapon …

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Boomer didn’t fuck the life out of Mickey, he fucked the life into him.

As Mickey Taylor shared with GayPornBlog, “I honestly went into the scene with a little fear. But I loved having his big dick in my ass! The sensation it gave me was amazing. I remember being all shaky an tingly whenever he pushed it in deeper. It was so hot! He really went for it and I took it willingly.”

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Right from the start, I promised this would end in a big climax. Boomer made an honest man out of me, but he made Mickey Taylor the real winner of Fame Game.

Unzip right now …

[Watch Mickey Taylor Win the real ‘Fame Game’ Prize: Eleven Inches of Boomer Dick]

NakedSword Originals Adds:

The night of his big debut Mickey Taylor reaches his breaking point and races from the club after receiving sex pics via text from his vindictive ex Bray Love. Mickey’s producer and mentor Boomer Banks finds him in the alley and drags him back through the packed club into the dressing room where the real show begins. They passionately kiss as Mickey gets on his knees and slowly reveals Boomer’s legendary cock.

He expertly sucks all 11-inches then bends over and offers Boomer his big round ass. Boomer dives in face-first then taunts Mickey’s hole with his rock hard dick. His cries prove that nothing could prepare Mickey for Boomer’s cock but he takes it up his ass, quivering with each thrust. The brutal ass-fucking continues with intensity until Mickey shoots a geyser of cum that flies over his head and coats the dressing room mirror. Boomer pulls out and pounds a load out of his anaconda into Mickey’s open mouth and it’s on with the show!
[Watch the Full ‘Fame Game’ Feature]

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