Jacob Peterson & Austin Wolf’s Lusty Afternoon

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It’s another Total Exposure Friday and TGIF! The stunning backdrop of that cornflower blue sky not withstanding, it’s not scenery or production values alone that Raging Stallion series so strong. Nor is it just because this is one hell of a sexy showcase for the Falcon Studio Group A Team. A lot of it the magic comes from some pretty inspired casting and we have another example of that today.

Newish exclusive Jacob Peterson is back so we’re already off to a good start. As we saw from that scorcher of a scene with Nick Sterling, Jacob Peterson’s sexual barometer points north when he’s manhandled a bit by a bigger man. Today, he’s paired with Austin Wolf. Things are going up. Take it away boys …

[Watch Austin Wolf Manhandle Jacob Peterson]

From Raging Stallion:

Massive Austin Wolf gropes deep into sexy Jacob Peterson’s jeans, then thrusts his fingers into Jacob’s mouth. Each wraps his arms around the other and they kiss deeply, pressing stubbled cheeks together. A pond and mountain meadow provide the backdrop. Jacob’s mouth gravitates to the nipples on Austin’s mighty chest, then drops to his cock. Austin’s stuffs his cock down Jacob’s throat as far as it can possibly go. Turning 180 degrees,

Jacob offers up his ass. Austin wastes no time exploring its hot recesses with his tongue and fingers. He commands ‘show it to me’ as he prepares to drive his cock into Jacob’s hole. Jacob rocks his hips as Austin thrusts. Austin grabs his neck, twists his head for a kiss then pushes him forward and fucks him in rapid-fire lunges. Austin increases the penetration by adding two fingers. He hooks a huge bicep under Jacob’s thigh and hoists him into the air. He lies down for Austin to pour his load into his mouth, then suck it out again. [Watch this Scene]

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