This Sean Cody Scene Made History

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Two hot men of color on Sean Cody had never happened until now. That fifteen-year glut has ended with raw fucking, self-sucking, loaded holes, & four big loads.

I never say this, but watch the chat fest at the beginning. When Phillip says, “man, can we just get to this, I wanna get fucked,” he means it. And they do. Phillip rims Landon and sucks his dick briefly.
sean codys first scene two black modelsNo porn faces. No fake porn speak.Landon takes his tongue out of Phillip’s mouth just in time for Phillip to moan, “fuck me” in a way that makes your toes curl. They are in the zone.

sean codys first scene two black modelsLifted leg doggie into riding without any penile disengagement. Phillip explodes a big nut that arcs up and covers the couch and their feet while telling Landon not to stop. He doesn’t. They roll back into doggie. Landon sprays a heavy load over Phillip’s ass cheeks. Wipes it up, uses it as hand cream (a bit wasteful but hey) and gets an ATM for his efforts.

sean codys first scene two black modelsRound two is in the bedroom and starts with Phillip’s ability to self-suck. And in a move I have only seen in the ball-buster between Dominic Santos and Austin Wilde at GuysInSweatpants, Landon gets his tongue in there too. Teamwork guys.

sean codys first scene two black modelsOnce again, Phillip blurts out “I can’t wait to let you fuck me again.” Landon gets in a bonus lick of Phillip’s dick then climbs on top for pile driver. This morphs into a kneeling side fuck, then Phillip on his stomach. But when they get to missionary, things go into overdrive … including Phillip’s high-flying second blasts.

Landon shoots his second load all over Phillips’ hole then loads him up. “The was the first time someone ever came in me,” says Phillip with the smile of a very fulfilled man. “I’m going to need a day after this,” he adds. “That was a lot of fucking,” Landon grins in satiated agreement. It’s unanimous. Well done indeed.

[Watch “Phillip & Landon: Bareback” at Sean Cody] [Check out the full review and watch the trailer at The Sword]


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One response to This Sean Cody Scene Made History

  1. Nate November 2nd, 2016 at 9:50 PM

    First of all, thank you for writing this. I was disappointed to see that str8upgayporn and Men of Porn had nothing on this scene. It wasn’t until I sent a strongly worded email to MOP that they posted something…so thank you.

    I agree that this is a HOT scene. It really is. I’m a black person who is a fan of SC. I was not expecting to see a scene from them pairing two models of color. But boy am I glad they did.

    It took them long enough, and I for one hope they continue more color blind casting.


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