Exclusive Pics from Falcon’s VIP 2014 Folsom Street Fair Party

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What used to be Raging Stallion’s “Man of the Year” Party has evolved into what is now known as “Falcon Studios Group Annual VIP Party”. On the evening before 2014 Folsom Street Fair, it’s always one of my favorite parties since pretty much every gay porn star in town is there. I snuck into the backstage area to take some pics of the shenanigans. I had the most fun with former Randy Blue exclusive Derek Atlas, who was flopping around in a leather thong showing off his amazing ass and just being an all-around card.

2014 Folsom Street Fair

Always humpy Shawn Wolfe modeling his strappy underwear


Also in attendance were Ryan Rose, Brent Corrigan, Trenton DucatiBoomer BanksShawn Wolfe, Sean Zevran, Johnny V, Big Joey D, and many more (but those are the folks who I got pics of).


Boyfriends Big Joey D and Falcon Exclusive Johnny V

Check ’em all out in the image gallery after the jump …





2014 Folsom Street Fair


Nick Capra, Sister Roma, Brent Corrigan, and Mr. Pam. Brent and Nick *might* be an item.


2014 Folsom Street Fair

Chi Chi LaRue handing the decks over to superstar DJ (and Kim Zolciak’s ex-girlfriend) Tracy Young

2014 Folsom Street Fair


2014 Folsom Street Fair









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2 responses to Exclusive Pics from Falcon’s VIP 2014 Folsom Street Fair Party

  1. anyhoo September 23rd, 2014 at 12:45 PM

    When I see pics of Folsom every year, I wonder if I’m really gay. Because there’s almost nothing appealing about that mess. Then I see the pics of super hot Ducati and Zevron and I realize that yeah, I’m definitely gay.


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