Flipping For The “Sling”

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Robots have revolutionized modern manufacturing to be sure. But as Eddy CeeTee & Liam Knox prove today, there will always be some positions that only real men can fill.

eddy ceetee titanmen liam knoxThe best way for Liam to show Eddy the merits of his new invention is to get his ass in it. Eddy grinds his bulge against Liam’s ass and wonders how it feels. They don’t have to wait long to find out how each other taste. Eddy bends over, offering his hole for Liam’s tongue but he really wants Eddy’s dick. Soon, they both get what they want need.

eddy ceetee titanmen liam knoxNeed is a two-way street at the fuck factory. Eddy hopped out of the “Sling”, turned around and sank back in so Liam could sink his cock all the way into him.

eddy ceetee titanmen liam knoxThe “Sling” is clanking as Liam bounces Eddy back and forth on his dick with Eddy gripping the chains as his ass gets owned. Liam jackhammers Eddy into exploding all over his hairy abs. Then Liam then dumps his load all over Eddy’s sweaty junk.

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