[[UPDATED]] Doritos “Rainbow” Chip Sold Out!

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[[UPDATE]] September 18, 2015:

That was fast! Before the million moms could even get their web page protest together, all 10,000 bags or “Rainbow” Doritos sold out in less than 24 hours. Frito-Lay designated 100% of the proceeds will be going to the It Gets Better Project which means this one-two punch of corporate philanthropy and community action will enrich the It Gets Better Project’s ability to help the LGBT community by at least $100,000.

From the It Gets Better and Rainbow Doritos’ webpage:

Thank You

for your interest in Doritos Rainbows.

Due to the incredible amount of support we have received, we have run out of bags.

You can still show your support by sharing your own words of inspiration using the hashtag #BOLDANDBETTER.

Check back soon for one-of-a-kind bags featuring well-known celebrities. In the meantime, give us your email, and we’ll keep you updated.

Good stuff!

Original Article: September 17, 2015

Frito-Lay partners with the It Gets Better Project for a new campaign with a powerful slogan: “There’s nothing bolder than being yourself.”

“Time and again, our consumers have shown us, there really is nothing bolder than being true to yourself and living life to the fullest. With Doritos Rainbows chips, we’re bringing an entirely new product experience to our consumers to show our commitment toward equal rights for the LGBT community and celebrate humanity without exception.” ~Ram Krishnan, Chief Marketing Officer, Frito-Lay

Available only online
for $10, this is one time to pay retail plus as Frito-Lay is literally putting there money where our mouths are: 100% of the proceeds will be donated.

“We’re honored to partner with the Doritos brand to celebrate the momentous progress that has been made toward equal rights for the LGBT community in this country. By utilizing the incredible reach that Doritos has throughout the world, we can give hope to the LGBT young people who need it the most. There is so much more work to be done, and together, we will inspire the LGBT community and its allies to continue the fight and embrace who they are by living a #BoldandBetter life.” ~Brett Peters, Communications Director, It Gets Better Project

If supporting this important resource for LGBT youth does not ring you chimes, do it just to piss off the haters …

They are going ape shit crazy at Breitbart ….
doritos lgbt support

And the homophobes are seriously trolling the Dorito’s Facebook page:

doritos lgbt support


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