Liam Knox Breaks Into Porn & Jesse Jackman

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Jesse Jackman and Liam Knox reaffirm two things today. Truth is indeed stranger than fiction. And more often than not, flip-fuck is better than dicking.

titanmen dirk caber liam knox flip fuckThe handsome face. The hairy body. The fat cock and hot ass. Jesse had all of the elements on his own. And now, he’s about to get the big break he’d been praying for. Clearly, this is a man who has spent plenty of time on his knees.

liam knox dirk caber flip fuck titanmenBy the time Hunter finished feasting on Jesse’s furry hole, Jesse was begging to be fucked.

titanmen dirk caber liam knox flip fuckAnd a fucking he got with his throbber bouncing with every slam.

titanmen dirk caber liam knox flip fuckThen they flipped. Now it’s Jesse’s turn for his eyes to roll back in his head as Hunter’s pounding elicits two nearly successive cum blasts. And with their sperm-soaked bodies pressed together, it was time to play the name game.

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