Damien Crosse Shows ‘Em Who’s Bosse

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Here’s definitive proof I could watch Damien Crosse literally do anything and be turned on. In The Best Employee, his new scene for Men.com, he plays some kind of suited executive who awards the employee of the month with a ride in a giant inflatable hamster ball(?). I’m not sure why any of this is going on, but — honestly — I don’t really care because all that nonsense is over quick and he finally fucks Frederic Duris in that way that only Damien Crosse knows how.

Gay Porn Star Damien Crosse in "The Best Employee"

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One response to Damien Crosse Shows ‘Em Who’s Bosse

  1. Hector August 1st, 2013 at 5:21 AM

    There really is just something about Damien Crosse, isn’t there? He just has that “I am loving every piece of ass I get” look about him that makes watching him so enjoyable.


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