Cum-Swapping With Ryan Rose & Seth Santoro

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Some things are too good not to be shared. Especially when it comes to the most precious fluid of them all.

ryan rose seth santoro falcon cum-swappingAnd their mutual desire for each other dicks. And especially, what’s waiting just down below them.

ryan rose seth santoro falcon cum-swappingSeth salivating over Ryan’s cock is both figurative and literal. The same is true for Ryan when it comes to the furry, beckoning globes of Seth. One of these objects of affection will have to wait, for now. There are other needs that seek and demand satiation first.

ryan rose seth santoro falcon cum-swappingRyan, sitting on the edge of the hot tub with his cock pointing toward the stars has Seth on the edge as much for his own orgasm as Ryan’s. Seth swoops down to catch the rapid-fire jets of Ryan’s nut inside his open mouth.

Then, Ryan opens wide for Seth’s hot load. Seth’s cum-hungry lips are still parched. But not for long. Today in “Into the Blue”, what goes around, cums around. Right from, and in, the kisser.

[Watch Seth Santoro & Ryan Rose in “Into the Blue” scene three] [Check out the full review and watch the trailer at The Sword]


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