“Let Them Eat Cum”

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After a 360° fuck from Colton then Gabriel taking his turn, the stickiest situation they find themselves in has nothing to do their post-flip jizz swap.

Valet Theo Ford used his dick last time to bide some time on the looming debt payment, but time is running out for Colton Grey.

And his American pal, Johnny V, is still missing.

Things are from “Paris Perfect”, but in the City of Lights, happiness may only be one baguette away.

The phone rings and it turns out to be Johnny on the other end. Colton gives Johnny the address to the Penthouse when he looks up and discovers someone is doing more than just watching him.

colton grey gabriel cross flip fuck“Who’s been sleeping in bed,” is what Gabriel wants to know. This time Colton is Goldilocks. Well, it’s not exactly Gabriel’s bed. It’s the bed he shared with his ex. There’s no better way to achieve the ultimate revenge than to swap dicks with your replacement.

colton grey gabriel cross flip fuckWith both Gabriel & Colton having some of the hottest holes in the business, their big cocks on the flip-side too rarely get the attention they deserve. Not today. Colton goes first and delivers a 360° fuck that is not about the camera moving. It’s about Colton keeping his dick planted while the rest of his body becomes a corkscrew to drive his dick into Gabriel as deeply as possible.

colton grey gabriel cross flip fuckRiding Colton got Gabriel’s dick throbbing and trading places is the only way to make it go down.

colton grey gabriel cross flip fuckAfter a passionate piledriver pummeling, Gabriel takes a seat on Colton’s dick, does a 360° of his own in time to plant his load right on Colton’s tongue. Colton follows, shooting a blast of white fireworks. Gabriel licks up every drop and this flip’s final act is a steamy double cum swap.

Just when Colton was afraid this was a dream he was about to wake up from, three sets of shoes barge in and suddenly, things aren’t “Paris Perfect”, they are a nightmare about to begin.

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Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better …
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They both looked huge today. Had you ever noticed before how well hung both Colton and Gabriel are?

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