Cockyboys, SeanCody and the Art of the Threeway

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Zach, Asher, and Levi's Cockyboys Threeway

Sometimes its hard to keep the one-named models straight, especially when they look like they could be brothers, but if they have olde-style Biblical-style names, like Asher and Levi, you can generally safely assume they’re Cockyboys, as are the three boys in this smoking threeway with Zach, Asher and Levi. Zach and Asher have done a scene together, but this is Levi’s first time in the mix, and before the filming he told director Jake Jaxson that Zach could “do whatever he wants” to him .” (and he does …)

Sex scenes with more than two people can turn into a clusterfuck to film, and in turn, boring for the viewer: the action is fleeting and its hard to know what part of the screen you’re supposed to pay attention to. This is in part because too many models working today come to set with a long list of things they will or won’t do on camera and in part because of poor filming and/or lazy editing.

So the key is to get versatile actors all moving and getting all the action happening in the frame simultaneously. One other recent scene that comes to mind is SeanCody’s three-way between Duncan, Peter and Brandon (more, sigh, one-named models), although in this case — one model (the “Lucky Pierre” in the middle”) — is doing all the work:

Duncan, Peter and Brandon SeanCody bareback 3-way

Sean Cody gay porn 3-way

[Watch Duncan, Peter and Brandon’s threeway on SeanCody]

In the case of Zach, Asher and Levi’s threeway for Cockyboys all three boys’ versatility and insatiable desire for one another makes for a super hot chemistry, and, in turn, a great scene. Also, Asher’s perfectly hairy ass isn’t really hurting anyone:

Zach, Asher, and Levi Cockyboys threeway

Here’s the full trailer:

[Watch Zach, Asher and Levi’s threeway on Cockyboys here]


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  1. Teodoro September 17th, 2013 at 7:36 AM

    Really great production… My favorite blog..


  2. Absurdist September 17th, 2013 at 12:36 PM

    As far as the “Lucky Pierre,” I, myself, am a middle, so I’ll gladly give the extra effort to ensure the three-way works out well for all involved.


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