Nick Sterling Has “Tool Time” WIth Coby Mitchell

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Coby Mitchell gets the drilling. Nick Sterling does the filling. And they both crank out cum shots that practically reach the ceiling.

nick sterling coby mitchell power drill dildoThis is the first time we’ve seen <a href=””_blank”>Nick Sterling this year. And clearly, he hasn’t lost his affinity for big boy toys.

nick sterling coby mitchell power drill dildoAfter the power drilling, time for the real filling.

nick sterling coby mitchell power drill dildoNick pulls out and what you see is just the first cum rip. Now that I think about, this shouldn’t be a surprise considering the handsfree double blast he pulled off with Ryan Rose in “Ready to Fuck” that time. But as impressive as all those shots are, take a look below. If Coby’s blast went any higher, it would have needed to radio in for permission to land. Who knew air traffic control was such “Dirty Work”?

[Watch Coby Mitchell and Nick Sterling in “Dirty Work” scene four] [Check out the full review and watch the trailer at The Sword]


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