Chadwick Moore, Fuck You, Douchebag. Milo Too.

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First, he profiled Milo Yiannopoulous. Then he came out as a conservative. But now, this headline hungry, myopic, dilettante piece of shit needs to turn in his gay card.

Chadwick Moore:

Guys, GayPornBlog and The Sword has been intentionally political light. It shall remain so. But every so often, there’s a politically-adjacent article that really needs some direct eyeballs. I don’t understand Gays 4 Trump. I don’t understand Log Cabin Republicans. But this, unfortunately, I understand. And the bullied kid I was, and the out and proud man I am is fucking pissed.

“Chadwick Moore: ‘Matthew Shepard’s Death Wasn’t a Hate Crime” is the headline from Unicorn Booty. And the body of the story doesn’t get any better.

“Chadwick Moore sparked an intense backlash among LGBTs after penning Out magazine’s controversial Milo Yiannopoulous profile last September. He also recently announced himself to be a conservative in the pages of the New York Post, a move that made some cringe in its comparison of “coming out” as LGBT to announcing oneself as a former liberal.

Now he has taken to Twitter claiming the murder of Mathew Shepard back in 1998 has been “debunked” as a hate crime, and Shepard — whose death has long been a symbol of the need for the LGBT civil rights movement — was “turned into a Blonde Jesus” by the “gay lobby.”



Matthew Shepard

Moore’s claims appear to be based on journalist Stephen Jimenez’s much-criticized book “The Book of Matt: Hidden Truths about the Murder of Matthew Shepard.” Jimenez attributes Shepard’s murder to crystal meth; arguing his killers — Aaron McKinney and Russell Henderson — were just trying to get Shepard’s drugs.

Other journalists have since written articles debunking Jimenez’s claims, arguing that The Book of Matt is based on bad journalism and rumor.

And regardless of the murder’s motivations, defense attorneys used the “gay panic” defense, arguing that McKinney’s violent actions were triggered by memories of childhood sexual abuse.

We reached out to Moore for a comment on his statement but at this time haven’t heard back.

Did he make the comments for shock value? Is he looking to take the place of the conservative movement’s gay figurehead since the ouster of Yiannopoulos?

Saying offensive things is a pretty good career move for Republicans (as long as you don’t promote man-boy love), but dumping on a murder victim is really low.”

He has since responded to Unicorn Booty. I refuse to give him any more space here. In a nutshell, he’d rather trust a discredited journalist while calling “Media Matters and Think Progress as irresponsible sources.”

Chadwick, I would say suck my gay dick … but you don’t deserve to ever suck a dick again. Unless it makes you choke as much you have done to the rest of us.

Speaking of dick … and now, back to our regularly scheduled pornography.


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