Chad Hunt Re-surfaces

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Porn star Chad Hunt posted a couple comments last night here on GayPornBlog and I thought I should re-run them. I’ve only met him briefly, but he seems like a really nice guy. Too bad he’s way out on the East Coast.

We have a running joke about Chad Hunt on the ReelGuys TV show. Chi Chi loves to have Chad Hunt show up in the middle of an ongoing fuck scene, say some goofy line completely out of context, then jump into the scene. We’ve seen that done in three different movies!

Good luck at the awards!

Here’s what Chad wrote:

WOW … Thanks for all the votes for Performer of the Year!, and in the other categories…. It’s nice to know that what you do is enjoyed by people…. I had a great Year with such good Bottoms as Tag Adams to add to my list of favorite Co-workers…

I’m missed, I feel special now! … Sorry I haven’t posted in ages guys but I have been enjoying time to myself lately…. Just for an update I recently headed back to the gym and am trying to make myself gain a little mass for returning to videos this year… I wanted to thank anyone who voted for me in the Adams report end of year best lists… I will be at The GAYVN awards this year where I have a total of three nominations… two for group scene and one for best sex scene with Tag Adams in “Detention” from Rascal Video… All though I did 14 movies last year I somehow got left out of the Performer of The Year nomination but hey I guess you can’t be in the running every Year…LOL Hope everyone is well and playing safe …


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