“Catharsis” Opens At NakedSword Film Works

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“I tried so G-d damned hard. And you were still content giving me the least amount of effort. And then sucking someone off. And telling me that you love me.”

NakedSword Film Works (NSFW) kicked off their 2016 slate with three highly anticipated February releases. The month began with the world premiere of director Brontez Purnell’s “100 Boyfriends Mixtape.”

The second release that we looked at last week was “Hattie Goes Cruising” from Konstantin Bock.

The final February offering is “Catharsis” from director Robert Aquino.
NakedSword Film Works Catharsis

“Catharsis” explores the personal aftermath of a painful breakup as a twenty-something gay Brooklynite finds himself through the men he sleeps with and memories of what he went through.

[Watch “Catharsis” at NSFW from NakedSword]

“Catharsis” isn’t a love story. It’s the story that begins when loving and being loved reaches an impasse. “Catharsis” has been featured and the LA Indie Film Festival, the NewFest: New York LGBT Film Festival, and now, at NSFW.


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