Maverick Men Get Carter Jacobs Drunk, Do Gay Sex On Him

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The Maverick Men first tasted Carter Jacob’s sweet musk in 2012. And evidently, they’ve been sniffing at the hen house door ever since. The hazy, shakey, drunken, and insanely sexy clip with Carter Jacobs and Cole and Hunter Maverick (after the jump) is less a gay porn video than a commercial for COLT 45. 


“It all happened so fast,” you can hear Carter Jacobs saying. “And my drink tasted funny. But suddenly  “Sunset People” came on and I just felt, you know, so FREE. Like I’d finally been to me.” 

And then, with a rush of blood to the head and a series of jump-cut memories, Carter is breaking into the Manhunt mansion (that’s the San Simeon-like pool at about 1:19) with the Maverick Men, getting his dick sucked in the shower, getting felt up in the back of a car (how did we get home? who drove? ugh! I’m never drinking again!!!!) and and getting his ass reamed back at someone’s hotel room (mine? Elton John’s? It’s all so BLURRRRRRRRRY.)

This is what happens when you invite the Maverick Men to come speak at Fraternity X.

The Carter Administration (via Maverick Men)

Maverick Men’s Labor Day Fuckathon

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