Bruno Bondi and Dario Beck Are Definitely In My Dreams

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When I was a young lad growing up, I lived in a working-class neighborhood, and every day after school, I watched the Italian and Portuguese construction workers arriving home after a sweaty day’s work. I had no idea what “gay” was. All I knew was that I looked forward to my afternoon ritual of watching these dark-haired and olive-skinned men carrying their lunch pales past my home.

So it’s a no brainer that Lucas Kazan’s “In His Dreams” caught my eye when it was released on NakedSword this week. In fact I did a double take because it arrived right after another Kazan film called “The Sicilian Connexxxion,” which I’m going to check out over the weekend.

But I’ve really got a hard-on for sexy, Italian hunk Bruno Bondi and since I haven’t seen him fucking Spanish hunk Dario Beck, I watched “In His Dreams” first. It opens with Bondi lying naked on his bed, he’s on his belly and giving us a view of his beautiful fuzzy ass while he sleeps. He’s dreaming of a horny fuck session he had with Dario Beck.

This is a two-part video, and while we catch glimpses of Bondi fucking Beck, this first part is all blowjob action. I’m not complaining, because both men are superb cocksuckers. Dario sits on the stairs in this rustic Italian villa and gulps Bondi’s dick, which is thick and with a plump head. Bondi holds the back of Beck’s head and face fucks him, all the while groaning, “Si, si …”

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After a good throat fucking, Dario splatters cum all over his leg, then Bondi shoots sticking ropes of jizz all over Dario’s hairy chest. I loved watching Bondi squeezing his foreskin forward to push out every drop of cum.

Then, through the powers of multi-day filming sessions and editing, the men are ready to go again. Bondi lies on his stomach while Dario give him a long, luxurious rimjob. Then it’s Bondi’s turn to work Beck’s dick in the second blowjob sequence. And the Italian hunk really knows how to suck cock. After a long session, he watches Dario spill another load on his hairy belly.

Bondi and Beck are exciting to watch; it’s such a pleasure seeing two men who both give delicious, impeccable head. No just-the-tip sucking with these two. If you like blowjob action, I highly recommend you take in “In His Dreams” at NakedSword, your dick will thank you.

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    Is it not Boni?


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