Bret Wolfe on Howard Stern

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Gay porn star Bret Wolfe was on the Howard Stern Show this morning.

Howard was helping promote a new girlie magazine about women’s asses called “Glutes”. To tease the magazine publisher, he showed him 3 asses and made him guess which were male and which were female.

One ass belonged to long time Stern Show Wack Packer, Gay Ramon, another was female bodybuilder Nicole Bass and Bret Wolfe was the third featured butt. The guy from the magazine did spot Nicole as the female, but by the picture, she must get mistaken often.

Powerbottom Bret Wolfe got his moment to plug his movies and his website, ( and discussed model fees with Howard. He was a good spokesmodel and Howard was nice to him.

Bret’s awards include: 2003 Newcomer of the Year: Grabby Erotic Gay Video Awards, 2003 Newcomer of the Year: GayVN Awards 2002, Performer of the Year: XFactor Magazine, 2002 Rookie of the Year: Gay Entertainment Awards.

Bret Wolfe’s video credits include: Resurrection by Hot House, Open Trench 2 by Sports and Rec., BUT I think his most memorable performance is from Butt Obsession by Oh Man! where he stuffs a wide variety of fruits and vegetables up his rear end.


UPDATE 3/30/04
Got this note from Bret Wolfe:
Mark –

Thanks. I had such a blast doing the show. It was a really great honor. And they were so great to me. My Publicist (Jason Sechrest) actually booked me on the show.

Love your sites BTW – I visit often :)


(left to right: Bret Wolfe, Nicole (“but, I’m a GIRL!”) Bass, Gay Ramon)

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