Brent Corrigan: The Gay Porn Blog Interview (Pt. 2)

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Check out part 1 to see where we left off …

Are you dating anyone currently?
I currently have a boyfriend, and we’ve been together for about a year. He’s my business partner. It’s set up so when I turn 21 it’s all mine. We’re hoping I have other projects going on by then.

What’s he like?
He’s 39. From Texas. He’s got this sexy, thick Texan accent. One of the things I love about him is his horses. I grew up obsessed with them and always wanted to meet someone who I could go horseback riding with. I’ve never owned one myself. I wouldn’t have time for one even if I did.

What kind of guys do you like?
I like all kinds of guys. I pride myself on being the type of person who can find the attractive parts on almost anyone. It just turns out that my relationships work out better with older men because I’m mature for my age and I don’t want to have to deal with the petty shit of people my age. What kind of non-porn movies do you like?
I love indie films. When you start a new business, you’re busy as fuck. It takes up all your time. I’ve not seen a new film in months, but I love the normalcy of them. Stories of regular people. My favorite director is Stanley Kubrick because he pushes the envelope. Clockwork Orange stands alone. In Eyes Wide Shut there’s a provocative thing you can’t deny.

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Do you have any desire to get into mainstream film?
I do want to delve into mainstream cinematography, actually. I’m hoping I can bring my adult knowledge into it and maybe bring an interesting angle to it. As far as horror movies go, The Shining is up there with the best of them. You could cut out the gore and if it’s still scary it’s a good horror film.

Do you want to go to college?
I do want to go to school but there’s no time for it within the next two or three years. I can’t see a traditional degree or masters in my future. I’m big on education, but I feel like It will be about the niche and not the credential and the whole reason why you did it in the first place. Some people are there to get the credential and they completely forget that they’re suppsoed to educate themsleves.

Do you think you would study film?
Yeah. Cinematography, I guess. I backed away from it since I got to L.A. since that’s what everyone was doing. But these days I don’t care I just want to do something and whatever I do I want to have fun. I want to be known. I want to look back at my life and have clear distinctions — porn star, modeling, directing (different kinds of film), I think I could make it as an indy actor. I don’t think I’ll make it as a mainstream, but never say never. I have some talent and if you nurture it, it can grow. I’m more into indy stuff because i’m fixated on real.

What kind of music are you into?
I’m into indie music, like Rilo Kiley. Because i’m not spending time with kids my age I’m not into hip hop or pop. I spend time doing research and on iTunes. Sometimes I find old music from the 90s and really like it. [Ed. note: Kill me now.] I like Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks because she’s a strong woman and that’s not too common in society and you have to like it. I like Band of Horses, Rogue Wave. I love Death Cab. They’re from my hometown. I’ve been listening to the Postal Service album non-stop since it came out three years ago. I abosolutely love it.

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Who are your role models?
I wish I had more of them in my life. Growing up, I lacked any. I never had a clear positive role model and maybe that’s aided how I got into adult. There’s some people who I admire for who they are: Bill Clinton: he did a lot for us as homosexuals. Maybe not a lot but he didn’t push us further in the closet like our current president. I admire all those out actors out there who work in the business but live their lives openly about their sexuality. There’s so much homosexuality in mainstream media and It’s the worst thing, a shame. it goes to show you how fake everything is. Reality is a big thing to me.

Where do you see your career going?
I don’t want to put my foot in my mouth, and I never want to say never, but if I had my way, I’d be good at producing so that I wouldn’t have to be in front of the camera. I’m interesting in directing. Not just adult film. I don’t want to model forever. Maybe two more years max, and I don’t want to be in the “twink” niche forever. I can reinvent myself.

I already have my own production studio. We’re brand new: LSG Media. We have designs on setting up “Real Boys Online.” We’re not calling it “pro-am,” we’re caling it amateur. I don’t have any intentions of doing any full movies. I think the priority is to get to the meat of what your’e doing — good adult scenes, before you get aritsitc. When it’s all said and done it’s all porn and that’s what you’re watching. I want to get it down, get good at it before I complicate things with artsy productions and storylines and locations. Theme will be a good mix of twinks and young muscle jock. Anything attractive under the age of 25. If you’re an attractive boy, well-hung, and versatile, then you’ve got a good chance of working with us.

How the fuck does someone your age stay so motivated?
It’s hard for people to understand, but the top reason why I continue is because I have my own production studio. If I wasn’t controling how my material was being put out, then I wouldn’t bother anymore. Now that I’m in that positon, I know I have what it takes, so I’m just cashing in on what talent I do have.

I always said that if I ever did anything, i was going to do it right and do it big. If I was going to fucking do it, I was going to do it right. Right now I’d be stupid to walk away from the standing and interest generated in me. I can try it and if it doesn’t work then I don’t have regrets. Everyone does a phase where they regret doing adult, but if you continue, you just don’t care.

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81 responses to Brent Corrigan: The Gay Porn Blog Interview (Pt. 2)

  1. pissing November 8th, 2006 at 7:46 AM

    he has a god


  2. melvin November 8th, 2006 at 12:39 PM

    u have a big cock for a twink


  3. ashley November 8th, 2006 at 9:20 PM

    im a girl… and i love gay porn… odd but it turns me on


  4. Toby November 8th, 2006 at 10:21 PM

    “He’s my business partner. It’s set up so when I turn 21 it’s all mine.”

    How romantic. I hope you have a good lawyer.


  5. voiceofreason November 8th, 2006 at 10:28 PM

    and how is he helping society? making porno? Who cares what a 20 year old porn ‘actor’ has to say. What the hell does he know?


  6. niceguy November 9th, 2006 at 10:21 AM

    Stop being so mean guys! Love you Brent.


  7. j dick November 9th, 2006 at 12:35 PM

    your so fukin hott i wish i could do u


  8. Anonymous November 9th, 2006 at 1:19 PM


    I know exactly what you mean. I think these interviews titillate in that “dumb blond” kind of way. And then there’s the fact that many of these addled little twinks are on the same intellectual level as a lot of the misguided 40-somethings who lust after them.


  9. Another "Twink" November 9th, 2006 at 1:56 PM

    The best things I’ve heard about this character so far is: “liar” (regarding his start in porn), “contradiction” (fears diseases but worked in bareback productions), “romantic” (having someone run his errands until he’s old enough to run them into the ground), and “empty calories” (Fuckable but not respectable). And yet, stangely enough, with the words he has said for himself, he truly did prove about almost all of them right. For an even better laugh, read his blog. Thats if you have time to waste.


  10. pipe_1420 November 9th, 2006 at 2:06 PM

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    sigue asi
    con mas pics


  11. CHAINSAW November 9th, 2006 at 2:34 PM



  12. blknwhiteguy November 9th, 2006 at 8:52 PM

    I don’t know but he really looks wrong, not ugly just not right, the new body doesn’t do it for me, the other Brent with muscles looks good with muscles but this Brent was much hotter when he was skinny, it even made his dick look bigger.
    I thought Falcon had a policy of not using models who bareback. But then again they did give us Typhoid Mary Jeff Palmer. Is he still alive?


  13. nick Miranda November 9th, 2006 at 9:51 PM

    ” uhhh, that was way harsh Ty!”–I mean this “twink” or as I would say, “this beautiful young man”, actually has a lot of good points and is suprisingly mature or so it seems from this particular question and answer session. I am a 79’er myself who has lived in many large cities with many other “GAYS” and this one is no ordinary young queen, but a respectable one at that! I have never read his blog but i am not spending my time reading some young queens blog in hopes of some far-fetched fantasy. I am only even writing now because we as gay people are so harsh to each other. When will we learn that unity is how we progress–not name calling and jealousy! Be proud that there is a beautiful young man willing to share his sexual expression and his Ideas with us as well. This boy gives me hope of the generation after me. I mean the fact that he is interested in 90’s music and Stevie Nicks is awesome. Imagine what this guy will feel like when he discovers SIOUXSIE!!!! really. I think those glasses of wine have gotten to me…. I would never even share my thoughts so easily but stop attacking this guy—After all i know you wouldn’t kick him out of bed!!!!…..Yours truly, Buzzed in Virginia.


  14. terrierboi November 9th, 2006 at 10:28 PM

    Wow us gay men can be so mean. Brent is a young man. Cut him some slack. He will find that his beauty and his fans will not last forever. I did check out his blog and yes..yawn. But what does one really expect? He is an easy target to shoot at indeed. Would I trust him after what he did over at Cobra? No matter what, he lied. That in itself say allot about a person. I like him but I will admit he is cuter when he shuts his mouth.


  15. Out there November 9th, 2006 at 11:36 PM

    You are hot brent…just because people dont understand or accept doesnt mean you should ever be anything different…im a 20 year old with a lot of issues too, thanks for a being a role model


  16. Will November 10th, 2006 at 7:05 AM



  17. voiceofreason November 10th, 2006 at 7:19 AM

    One more thing, it’s apparent to me that he needs some help since his 39 year old boyfriend is substituting as the father he never had. Why would a 39 year old be intellectually drawn to someone who is 20?


  18. Chris November 10th, 2006 at 12:21 PM

    he annoys me, he does have a hot body though.


  19. Anonymous November 10th, 2006 at 5:21 PM

    “. . .That in itself say allot about a person. I like him but I will admit he is cuter when he shuts his mouth.”




  20. Joel November 10th, 2006 at 6:32 PM

    I wonder if Brent actually gives a flying fuck about what ugly chubby guys have to say. I wonder…


  21. Anonymous November 11th, 2006 at 2:45 AM

    Wow, you can actually SEE what the people who write on this blog LOOK like???

    What an amazing power. You should take that act on the road!

    Quick, how many fingers am I holding up?


  22. Bjørn November 11th, 2006 at 7:46 AM

    Haha, wow there’s some jelous people here :)

    And Joel i wonder the same thing, but my conclussion was no!

    Why would he?

    I think your hot Brent :)

    One thing i don’t understand… Why you want a boyfriend that’s 39 even if your mature, i’m 17 :P

    I would never be with someone that old unless i got money for it :)

    and i am in Denmark so no law preventing me looking at male porn btw. if anybody wondered..


  23. James November 11th, 2006 at 10:29 AM


    I’m not chubby mister!


  24. chris harris November 11th, 2006 at 1:03 PM

    i wanna know in inches


  25. sexyness November 11th, 2006 at 5:02 PM

    i love men


  26. Anonymous November 11th, 2006 at 8:55 PM

    “jelous”? “. . .your hot.”?

    What’s with all this Euro-trash butchering the English language in here?!?

    I see America hasn’t cornered the market on stupidity.


  27. Anonymous November 11th, 2006 at 9:01 PM


    Wow, you mean you can actually SEE what people on this blog LOOK like?

    You should put together an act and take it on the road.

    Quickly – tell me how many fingers I’m holding up.


  28. Anonymous November 12th, 2006 at 11:05 PM

    *sighs* You superficial, catty, bitch queens need to chill the fuck out. You all are the Goddamned reason I’m ashamed to be gay.


  29. wow November 13th, 2006 at 1:00 PM

    I’ve been away from the blog for a while but since when does any and all criticism simply amount to “jealousy?”

    You can tell the blog has been overrun with stupid children when any opinion they don’t like is chalked up to “jealousy.”

    “Waaaa, waaa, you don’t think Borat is a genius because you’re JEALOUS, waaaa!”

    Goodness, someone burp these babies and let’s get on with the porn.


  30. Anonymous November 14th, 2006 at 8:36 AM


    I was thinking the same thing about the self-hater!

    He sounds like a character from Footloose or something. Ha!


  31. rodelle November 14th, 2006 at 8:39 AM

    I like him.


  32. Anonymous November 14th, 2006 at 9:06 PM

    *sighs* You superficial, catty, bitch queens need to chill the fuck out. You all are the Goddamned reason I’m ashamed to be gay.
    Posted by at November 12, 2006 11:05 PM

    Great – another one of those self-loathing gay guys who tries to turn his sad, middle American hang ups into someone ELSE’S problem.



  33. James November 15th, 2006 at 10:41 AM

    Footloose?!?!?!?!? :-) I love it!

    What happened to my comment? Was it too bitter and deleted?


  34. anibal November 15th, 2006 at 12:21 PM

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    muy buena la pic y el pico y el mino


  35. god November 15th, 2006 at 4:09 PM

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  36. Anonymous November 16th, 2006 at 12:39 AM

    Hey God,

    “. . .yo to church.”?

    I’d think proofreading would be redundant for a supreme being.

    Guess not.



  37. Anonymous November 16th, 2006 at 7:27 AM

    Wait a minute. Why are you here if you and God are on speaking terms? What are you trying to save souls OR are you looking for a little dick in your booty? Is your name Haggard?


  38. SocialMadness November 17th, 2006 at 12:05 AM

    Brent has two old sugardads and Cobra is announcing that he will be taking loads in his mouth and ass again in Fuck Me Raw 2. Anyone know when that comes out?


  39. JasonX November 18th, 2006 at 5:39 PM

    I am not taking sides but no matter how much either side huffs and puffs when all the chips fall (or at least the chips we have privy to at the moment) one thing remains

    Brent Corrigan has Not proven his age. This is not being harsh, this is not being pro Cobra it is just a simple fact. Some recent things that raise eyebrows

    *Constantly has a need to mention his claimed age on his blog
    *Reported he was arrested for underaged drinking – yet no police report of the incident is available
    *Worked for Falcon Studios a major major player in the porn industry. Surely they would have seen his “real” ID — and wouldnt they want to put Cobra out of buisness by publicly reporting that Fox Ryders verified age is……..
    *Claims by his boyfriend on public boards that the FBI is invesigating yet a year later Cobra is still in operation and still has access to the footage in question (As mentioned before some material is recycled from SBC in NBT)
    *Still has not presented certified birth documents in a legal setting (some may argue that he shouldn’t have to but he has raised some very very serious charges and needs to back them up)
    *The ID Jason Sechrest (curious) reported examing could have just as easily been a fake

    For all I know Brent Corrigan is the nicest person. I have never met him and most likely never will. I am however very comfortable saying He has not proven his age. Personally I would hope he just wraps up this mess that he created by either lying about his age way back then or lying about his age now. Either way the ball is in his court to prove it.


  40. Jon November 25th, 2006 at 5:41 PM

    Brent/Sean’s a nice kid who was taken advantage of by the porno industry at too young an age, whatever that was. The tragic thing for him is that he’s messed up in our messed up legal system. You people in the porn industry should be bending over backwards to help him out, giving him legal help, cameras, work, extras, whatever. If you shun him and don’t help him you are encouraging the use of performers who are too young. Why not try to give your industry a good image?


  41. Kevin Kunzmann November 26th, 2006 at 11:54 AM

    Wow! You gay guys with severe inflammation who live off of a steady diet of fast food get so jealous. Instead of making fun of a porn star why not join a gym instead? You guys are losers.


  42. Anonymous November 26th, 2006 at 8:41 PM

    “Severe inflammation?” What is this idiot talking about?

    What the hell IS “severe inflammation?” What’s “inflamed?”

    Again, it’s so telling when someone assumes that any criticism stems from “jealousy.” That’s usually the projection of a very jealous person.


  43. Anonymous November 26th, 2006 at 8:45 PM

    So – let me get this straight:

    If a thin person is a total moron and a fat person comes along and says “Wow, what a total moron.” that fat person is “just jealous?”



  44. Anonymous November 26th, 2006 at 9:54 PM

    It’s OK if you don’t like Brent, but there is no reason to attack his character the way some people on here have. Perhaps he did lie, but how many of you have never told a lie? How many of you have never mad a bad decision? Take a look at you own faults before you attack a young man trying to make a living.


  45. Simone November 26th, 2006 at 11:17 PM

    I have to laugh when I see some of these comments – you people need to calm down. Brent has paid for and continues to pay for his past mistakes (when your young you do stupid stupid things) and now is moving on. Good on him!
    Personally I think he will do a lot of good for the industry. He has a good head on his shoulders and an attitude that will take him far.


  46. Oh Mary November 26th, 2006 at 11:44 PM

    I like Brent/Sean.

    And although some of his comments rubbed me the wrong way, I realized they are mostly due to who he is, what is experiencing and being influenced by, and his own biases.

    I read his blog and have followed the case. Honestly, Cobra did take advantage of him and then took his name/brand, too, due to legalities he wouldn’t have understood — he sorta gets it at 20, but…

    He was taken advantage of by his ex and by the dude who owns Cobra. There is no denying this or side-stepping it. Hate twinks all you like, but do not ignore the way in which older queens totally take advantage of them.

    I, too, wonder what they can have in common, but I know, also, that relationships are built on more than commonalities. So what if he is living out any daddy stuff… um, whatever. He seems happy. Yes, we will see what happens when he is 21. If he is reading this and there is good reason to think he might: If you are going to continue in this business, SECURE A LAWYER. Seriously. Don’t get someone’s cousin or some guy or gal one of your friend’s knows, but someone you have researched and feel you can trust. If you are going to do this, as a kid, you need to really stop acting like a kid and learn how to protect yourself legally.

    He’s a young adult who did not have a normal or typical childhood. At least he figured out a way to get out of it and create the kind of life for himself that did not land him tweaked out somewhere and homeless.

    Was it the best interview ever? No. But it isn’t too much out of line with other guys. I mean, compared to foxy Matthew Rush…

    We (the consumers) make it so porn actors have to walk a middle line — trying not to offend people so folks will still buy their movies and come out to their events while trying to give something people can connect with…

    And… having bareback sex does not mean that someone is positive/dis-eased. I know no one wants to hear it and I risk this comment not being published because of it, but: Given the age of those boys and the way in which they were in a stable, if they were all negative, having sex with each other and wearing rubbers otherwise… they were pretty much insulated from it.

    The groups seroconverting the MOST right now are white men who have sex with men between 30-39. (and yes, disporpotionately represented: African-American and Latin..) I mention this to give people something to think about.

    … also, I think it is totally hot when a twink fucks a bigger guy… we need more destroying of those imaginary lines and “rules” in regards to how we have (or watch people have) sex… maybe people will expand their ideas about who they can have sex with and how…


  47. Anonymous November 27th, 2006 at 4:51 AM


    “. . . when YOUR young. . .”?

    Your young what?

    I think someone needs a remedial English course!


  48. Coco November 27th, 2006 at 6:04 AM

    hotest boy ever


  49. nuri November 27th, 2006 at 2:18 PM

    hey guys.
    im interest in gay love not peanut.


  50. felipink November 30th, 2006 at 10:06 AM

    I don’t like twinks, but it’s ok to me if this blog wants to interview him, cause we all have different taste in men.

    hope you interview pavel novotny soon so I knw if he is doing any new movie now or soon


  51. sarah December 2nd, 2006 at 2:34 AM

    i really love everything that’s hot !


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  54. JJ December 6th, 2006 at 5:58 PM

    I wish I could find some guys like this


  55. BP not so virgin December 18th, 2006 at 11:05 PM

    Brent is soooooooo HOT, hes a porn star i dont care what he thinks, just like to look at him lool.!


  56. kyle December 20th, 2006 at 6:57 AM

    wow that is the best lookin man i have ever seen well done falcon god your hot brent


  57. xianshuiren December 21st, 2006 at 4:53 AM

    I don’t care about what he says.
    I want to get happiness from him,and to leave the quarrel behind.


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    i’m 75 years old, haven’t cum in 20 years, butenjoy watching. as thats al i can do now. i’m not only old but i’m handicapped. i bet there are many out there like me.


  62. Tim from Aussie January 1st, 2007 at 5:46 PM

    Without hestitation, many people have been writing negative things about this young man. Brent Corrigan may have made some mistakes, and we may not oblige with the things he has done, least give him a break. If your going to post some negative things to him, then just f#*k off. The point I’m trying to make is that he is still young. He will learn from these mistakes. And discouraging him won’t help him learn from it, it’ll leave him in doubt. At least have some sympathy!


  63. jr January 6th, 2007 at 12:50 AM

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  71. ncmel April 25th, 2007 at 1:10 AM

    First, I have seen bigger cocks on guys younger than you. Second–you were gay bait. how can you be 21 and havea 39 year old boufriend. your man is a pervert you you should find someone your own age. i thopught I likke you, even witha big cock, you liking OLD men turned me off


  72. Nick May 15th, 2007 at 2:32 PM

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  73. jamie July 1st, 2007 at 6:51 AM

    I think Brent is real cool, he has a great body, fantastic cock and sense beyond his years. good luck Brent, wish your cock was in me.


  74. michael solebello July 4th, 2007 at 5:25 PM

    i don’t care what other people think about brent. i have seen alot of his films and i would love to have him 7 days a week.


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  76. graham October 25th, 2008 at 1:21 PM

    I think that by the time he is thirty
    he will be working as a shop assistant.


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