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Dorian Ferro and Dominic Pacifico couldn’t believe Brent Corrigan was cruising a chatroom to put together a three-way. They were more shocked when Brent wanted to be the middle man. They’d be even more stunned if they knew why.

First, he had to flip fuck with the horse hung pizza delivery guy. Last week, he was shackled with an ankle bracelet while his assistant got the business end of a Taser, then a huge cock. Today, Brent’s “Ultra Fan” is upping the stakes even more.

Falcon Studios exclusive Dorian Ferro and Dominic Pacifico show up because “Ultra Fan” has issued Brent Corrigan a new order: pull down your pants, pick up your cam, and give me a fucking show.

brent corrigan dorian ferro dominic pacifico three wayWithout the lows, the highs mean nothing,” says Brent, reflecting on a dozen years of headlines that have led up to today. Yet he finds himself stuck at what the future holds. He also finds himself a prisoner of a crazed “Ultra Fan” who definitely has plans for what Brent has to do next. And today, that starts with Dominic and Dorian.

brent corrigan dorian ferro dominic pacifico three wayDominic & Dorian arrive, expecting to be catfished by some imposter, but it’s Brent Corrigan in the flesh. Naked flesh. And with a camera. Brent supervises as Dorian takes both dicks in his mouth then all three take an oral tour of each other, front and back.

brent corrigan dorian ferro dominic pacifico three wayWith his furry, prized ass primed and ready, Dominic warms up Dorian’s hole only for Brent to move in.

brent corrigan dorian ferro dominic pacifico three wayNow it’s Dorian who grabs the camera as Brent takes his joyride on Dominic’s fat piece.

brent corrigan dorian ferro dominic pacifico three wayBrent fires his load all of Dominic. Dominic doesn’t even bother to clean up before he’s balls deep back in Dorian. As Dorian explodes in a heavy nut all over his hairy abs, Dominic tops it off as his uncut cock delivers the juice. But will all of this finally deliver Brent from the clutches of his “Ultra Fan”? He’s not sure of that … but he is sure his time is running out.

[Watch Brent, Dorian, & Dominic in “I’ve Cum Twice Already” from “Ultra Fan” at NakedSword]


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