Piece In The Middle East

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A horny Arab and a sexy Israeli were assigned to the same dorm room in “Berkeley”. They were born mortal enemies but soon discovered they have more in common than just having big dicks.

Elijah Wood isn’t just playing a role; he was born and raised in Israel. He was able to channel the political strife he grew up with into an extra-sexual edge he brought to the scene. Bi-racial Ty Royal has the dark, exotic looks of a young man from the middle east. But today in “Conflict Resolution”, the “piece deal” he was trying to make happen was all about Elijah’s hefty one.

berkeley from nakedsword originals
Elijah has the dark curls and hairy body typical of a “Sabra,” a native born Israeli. If you listen closely, you’ll hear soft touches of a faint accent. Seeing him soft, however, is not likely. His big, bushy cock is beautiful and could be featured in an ad for gay travel to Jerusalem. Elijah was actually part of the crew for “The Mix”. This is his first appearance in a NakedSword Original.

berkeley from nakedsword originals
It’s not all role play for Ty Royal today either. While not from Gaza, he is currently a student studying international business. Looking like that, and a brain too. Now wonder Elijah was so hot for him. For Ty, though, Elijah’s cock was all he needed. He wanted it from the minute he saw it.

berkeley from nakedsword originals
How much did Ty really want it? Just look as his cock swinging back and forth like a metronome while he sucks away. Afer Ty did some tonsil tickling of his own, Ty rolled over and Elijah goes deep then licks up the load he shoots all over Ty’s ass. Load as in his first load.

berkeley from nakedsword originals
This is what they call taking a break.

berkeley from nakedsword originals
Back at it with Ty on his back, Elijah gives Ty more of that dick and fucks and a big load out of him. Then Elijah seals deal with his second load of the day.

[Watch Ty Royal & Elijah Wood in “Conflict Resolution” from “Berkeley”]

Are two big dicks,

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