Jason Vario Makes This Ginger Snap

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What’s black, white, and red all over? That would be Jason Vario fucking Bennett Anthony until his ginger bush is lacerated by two heavy loads.

jason vario bennett anthony titanmenWhen nude sunbather Jason rolls over, his fat throbber stands in the air like an uncut telephone pole. One glimpse and Bennett’s mouth is drawn to it like a spaceship in a tractor beam. Once he’s tickled Bennett’s tonsils, Jason takes a face dive into Bennett’s ass. He next rubs his crank on it, then feeds him again before righteously munching his hole.

jason vario bennett anthony titanmenOne more lick of the dick, one more kiss, and Bennett is on all fours with Jason buried to his balls in the hungry ginger hole.

jason vario bennett anthony titanmenJason flips Bennett on his back and resumes the pounding, grinding his way into Bennett even deeper. The pressure is too much and Bennett explodes all over his lower abs and crimson pubes. Still hard and dripping in his own juice, Jason pulls out and soaks Bennett again. At this point, the “Pool Service” will have to wait … again. And may it always.

[Watch Bennett & Jason in “Pool Service” scene two at TitanMen] [See the full review and watch the trailer at The Sword]


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