Scientifically Speaking, Dicks Are Getting Bigger

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Scientifically speaking, penis size is on the increase. Do you measure up?

Whoever coined the phrase “it’s not the size” either has a small dick or has never enjoyed the pleasure of a big one. And no, that is not to say size is everything.

A big dick that doesn’t really get hard, or attached to someone without the chops to use it, relegates it to just a decorative appendage.

But decorative or not, they are betting bigger – and not just in porn write-ups, in real life, according to Metro.

penises getting bigger“Last year, 15,521 brave soldiers stripped for researchers to measure their length and girth – but this year things had changed. Scientists at London’s King’s College has teamed up with SKYN’s condoms to measure manhoods. They came in at a distinctly average 5.16, but now the inches are stacking up.

penises getting biggerAfter a new survey by the condom makers, it seems odd that the inches are increasing. What really explains the 18-34-year-olds jump?

penises getting biggerThe Millennials came in, on average, 0.94 inches longer than a year ago. It doesn’t take a scientist to work out why the average all of a sudden is 6.1 inches. The new results come after more than 3,000 men submitted their data through an anonymous online form.

penises getting biggerAnd shockingly they came in larger than when KCL researchers measured thousands of penises.” One conclusion could be men are evolving as partners select for size and appearance. Another possibility, noted by the Sun, is that dudes are straight-up lying about dong size. The larger King’s College sample tends to support this conclusion.

penises getting biggerBut Maxim has arguably has the best conclusion of them all, “Maybe just don’t worry about it at all, since the best thing you can do is simply get very good at sex. In the end, in bed, quality always triumphs over quantity.”

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