Austin Wolf Makes Derek Bolt Nut

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Muscle top Austin Wolf & muscle bottom Derek Bolt provide the brawn. The madness comes wondering why these two studs haven’t been teamed up before.

In the garage, the sparks are flying, literally. Underneath the sexual electricity is an undercurrent of unexpected sensuality. There is a tug-of-war between need and speed. This results in plenty of sexual multi-tasking. Like Derek sucking Austin while Austin tweaks his own nip with one hand and fingers Derek’s hole with the other.

austin wolf derek bolt hot houseLong before Austin has finished feasting on Derek’s hole, Derek is rock hard and bulging out of his jock.

austin wolf derek bolt hot houseThat strap isn’t just “wardrobe.” It becomes a handle for Austin to pull back Derek’s hips while Austin slides forward and deeper.

austin wolf derek bolt hot houseGiving his quads a workout, Derek raises and lowers himself on Austin before getting flipped onto his back. Austin pumps away until Derek blows a fat load that lands on his treasure trail. Austin’s eruption goes right across Derek’s face. You can still the cum dripping off his beard as he cleans Austin’s dick off. Then Austin goes in for a taste of his own medicine.

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