Austin Carter Was “Hook’d” After The First Prick

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Austin Carter breaks in the big time with Ryan Rose breaking into him.

ryan rose austin carter falconHorned up after working out, Austin grabs his phone to find a dick to satisfy his hungry ass. Just imagine being able to swipe through the profiles of A-Team. Austin did more than imagine. And Ryan wasted no time getting his hole ready.

ryan rose austin carter falconTheir bodies grinding together, Austin take a joyride on Ryan’s cock before Ryan moves them onto the floor. He goes into a full-scale jackhammer pile driver.

ryan rose austin carter falconPile driver morphs to doggy with no loss of intensity. Then Ryan points his cock at Austin’s face and lets loose his load that drips down Austin’s cheeks and into his open mouth. Austin sucks out the last drops from Ryan’s cock as he explodes all over the carpet. As if he wasn’t before, now he’s like the rest of us: he’s “Hook’d” on Ryan Rose too.

[Watch Austin Carter & Ryan Rose in “Hook’d” scene four at Falcon] [Watch the full review and watch the trailer at The Sword]


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