Why Aren’t Gay Creampies Called Glazed Donuts?

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Corbin Fisher‘s “Collegiate Creampies” gives us a look at four of their popular pairings from a while back. But before I get into the DVD, indulge me as I rant about one of my gay porn pet peeves — creampies. Why do we call them creampies? It’s a cast off from straight porn where a woman’s vagina is referred to as pie, but men don’t have pies, they have holes, don’t they? Just wondering why we don’t call butt hole cumshots “glazed donuts.” It seems more appropriate, doesn’t it? Okay, enough ranting.

Aiden is one of my all-time favourite studs over at Corbin Fisher. He’s a cute muscle hunk and he’s packing a pretty big dick. When his scene opens, Aiden is kissing Chase. The blond looks sexy with his jar-head haircut. The guys kiss and pull off their shirts, then Chase nibbles Aiden’s nipples. And this drives the dark-head hunk nuts.

The guys continue the strip tease and do some frottage in their underwear. Then Chase stands and shoves his hard-on in Aiden’s face. Aiden jacks his dick while he chows down on Chase, but I’m really interested to see how this blond does with Aiden’s big dick. He holds Aiden’s hard-on and swirls his mouth around it.

He never really swallows more than half of it, but Aiden likes it. The rimming 69 is way fucking sexier. Chase climbs on top and shoves his butt in Aiden’s face and tongue flicks his buddy’s hole while Aiden pants and slathers the blond’s rosebud.

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Before Chase gets on all fours and presents his ass, I had no idea who was going to be bottoming in this scene. I’m glad it’s Aiden because I love watching him pushing his long cock into Chase’s ass. Chase finds it tough going at first and breathes heavily as Aiden slides his bone in and out.

Chase rests his hands down on the floor and Aiden stands on the bed and squat fucks him. I love acrobatic fucking. Butt juice is leaking out of Chase’s hole and sliding down his nuts. Then the guys flip around and Aiden drills Chase on his back until the bottom creams his belly, and Aiden finally blasts all over Chase’s hole and slides his cummy dick back inside for a few final strokes.

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  1. 2-knee, see'a December 14th, 2014 at 2:06 AM

    They’re not called glazed donuts because that’s what happens to your I’s, when you keep looking at guys hanging out their tongues all over the place, while inside they’re mouths getting stuffed, with tongues hanging out inside, although the other end hasn’t such fictures.


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