Warhol’s Junk Is Worth 60K … and Climbing

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andy warhol dick printA New Jersey woman is embracing the phrase “finders keepers.” Though she won’t be “keeping it.” Rather, she’s taking it to the bank. After a pit stop at the auction house.

The NY Post reports the lucky lady, who smartly has chosen to remain anonymous, found a couch on Craigslist. She went to New York’s Lower East Side and plunked down her $200. The seller, who must be kicking themselves to hell to back, threw in a box of miscellaneous junk as a gift with purchase.

When Lady Luck got home, she

“discovered the pricey Warhol full-monty piece. We’re told she knew she’d come across a treasure because the work is signed on the back and stamped and numbered by the Warhol Foundation.

The piece is now up for sale on auction site Paddle8 with the bidding up to $60,000. Bidding closes on Wednesday.”

Paddle8 describes it like this:

“In 1977 Andy Warhol conceived of the “Torsos” series, a group of works inspired by both the high art tradition of the classical nude and the ancient history of erotic art. This original silkscreen on canvas reveals the sensual forms of the male pelvis and hips in washes of pink, green, and aqua blue. Marrying a critical interest in sexuality, identity, and the human body with Warhol’s trademark silkscreening technique, “Torso” is a unique emblem from the Pop master’s oeuvre.”

Here are a few more from the series ….

andy warhol dick print

andy warhol dick print

andy warhol dick print

andy warhol dick print

And that, guys, is truly what they mean by “masterpiece.”


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