Andrew Stark: Master Split-Roaster

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I called the setting for Total Exposure majestic right from the start. Its lushness has yet to wear thin. This Raging Stallion vehicle is an ideal showcase for exquisite examples of the masculine form the Falcon Studio Group A-Team is. Where the sexual magic comes is the inspired way they have been teamed up. Making his first appearance in the series is Andrew Stark. Of course, anyone would look good next to the magnificence that is Andrew Stark, but his playmates today are Brian Bonds and Nick Sterling. That means together …


Is that a post card of what hotness looks like or what? Brian Bonds and Nick Sterling bring out the versatility in each other. As for Andrew Stark, he brings out the bottom in everyone.


gay porn star andrew stark

A little reminder of a few of the reasons I am very happy to Andrew Stark. I like what he has on the back a lot too. Maybe next time, guys.

gay porn star andrew star
Nick Sterling once again demonstrated some of most perfectly balanced true versatility on the A Team, going from top to bottom literally and figuratively. He got the first split-roasting today.

gay porn star andrew stark
Brian Bonds could only bite his lip and stare at Andrew Stark’s and Nick Sterling’s cocks for so long. Andrew and Nick moved the party south.

gay porn star andrew stark
This is just one of two loads that Brian Bonds gets splattered with …


[Watch Andrew Stark Split-Roasting Nick Sterling and Brian Bonds]

From Raging Stallion:

Beefy Nick Sterling and dreamboat Andrew Stark spot Brian Bonds sunning near the old Native American ruin. They’re both horned up and Brian is always up for a hot three way, so the hunks jump straight into the fun and slide their tongues into each other’s mouth. Andrew’s dick is so hard, his jeans are ready to burst, but Nick solves that by letting the cock out of its cage, having no choice then but to suck it. Andrew is a giant man, standing well over 6 feet, with the rest of his body parts in equal proportion. Nick tackles Brian’s cock next, but his head continues to whiplash back and forth from Brian to Andrew.

Nick and Brian entangle themselves in a sixty-nine, while Andrew bastes Brian’s hole with his tongue and explores them more deeply with two fingers. When Brian lifts his ass into a shoulder-stand, it’s a free-for-all on his hole, but Andrew’s thick cock is first into the breach. Brian nurses on Nick’s cock while Andrew fucks him. It’s a super-hot change-up when Brian fucks Nick. Andrew’s raging cock finds its new home in Nick’s mouth. Climax for this trio finds Brian on his knees, swallowing two hot loads and drenching the thirsty ground with his seed.
[Watch this Scene]

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