All That Jizz: Gay Porn Greatest Titles

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Edward-Penishands.jpgEveryone remembers Edward Penishands. The oh-so-clever 1998 straight porn title ushered in new golden era of porno puns and homages to Hollywood. While the straight industry’s Snatch Adams and Good Will Humping made for trash-chic parlor games and a neverendling source dot-com bon mots.

The gay porn industry, of course, was far more prolific in its porno spoofs. Funny porn titles are more than a tradition with gays — our homegrown version of haiku.

While larger studios go minimalist with one word mood titles (e.g. Drenched, Reload, Exhibition, Addiction) the scrappier smaller studios use any means necessary to get attention.

Here’s a few of my favorites.

American Booty (Hollywood Sales): Stonie‘s fine ass on the cover? Now that’s art!

Forest Rump (Hollywood Sales): “Jenny, I think I ruined your roommate’s bathrobe.” Not to be confused with Sorest Rump, a straight flick.

Dirty Hairy (All Worlds Video): A porn video from Burning Man?

The Big Thrill (Falcon Studio): Superhung Colby Taylor probes the meaning of life, old friends at a weekend reunion.

Saving Ryan’s Privates (Hollywood Sales>: Did Spielberg not see this coming? (Not to mention the rumored Schindler’s Fist and Shaving Ryan’s Privates.

I Know Who You Did Last Summer (Hollywood Sales): Who doesn’t?

Terms of Endowment: Michael Brandon just had to take it there. From the people who brought you Raiders of the Lost Arse.

I’m sure I’m missing plenty. Hit me up if you’ve got better contender.


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  1. Michael Soldier October 14th, 2004 at 4:22 PM

    just so’s ya know…I made up Terms of Endowment escpecially for Monster Brandon…thanks very much :P


  2. Jagger Norton November 4th, 2004 at 5:18 PM

    I am personally a fan of Dawson’s Crack (All Worlds)… Everybody Does Raymond (All Worlds)… and, of course, Courtship of Eddie’s Finger (Vivid). Amusing.

    Actually, I’ve only seen Everybody Does Raymond and, considering it’s low price, the movie is pretty hot.


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