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The mainstream is figuring out what we have known all along: a hot ass really is all that it is cracked up to be.

“Wardrobe fittings proved to be challenging and entertaining, with a focus on featuring just the right amount of crack,” Leung adds. “Luckily, the entire cast was very excited by the spot, and they were great sports about us focusing on their backsides.”

“So, butt crack = empowerment. We’re down with that,” they write in AdWeek. And we’re down, and up, with that.

Some butts just make you bite your lip. Impossibly curved, impossibly tight, and almost too impossibly perfect to be real. Except when they are. And we’re blessed to have had many a perfect ass cross our pages here at The Sword. Sure, a bit of the luck at the gene pool helps. So do a lot of squats.

For example, Sean’s Zevran’s ass is like the rest of him: fucking perfect.
hottest asses gay porn 2017[Sean’s archive at The Sword]  |  [Sean at Falcon * Raging Stallion * Hot House]  |  [The Sean Zevran Theater at NakedSword]

The Falcon Studios Group A Team is ass deep is hot asses

[Brent’s archive at The Sword]  |  [Brent at Falcon * Raging Stallion * Hot House]  |  [The Brent Corrigan Theater at NakedSword]
hottest asses gay porn 2017

[Skyy Knox’s archive at The Sword]  |  [Skyy at Hot House]  |  [Skyy at Falcon]

And a Rose by any other name would still taste as sweet
hottest asses gay porn 2017[Ryan’s archive at The Sword]  |  [Ryan at Falcon * Raging Stallion * Hot House]  |  [The Ryan Rose Theater at NakedSword]

Some varieties are domestic, others are imported

[Jeremy’s archive at The Sword]  |  [Brent at Falcon * Raging Stallion]  |  [The Jeremy Spreadums Theater at NakedSword]
hottest asses gay porn 2017

A hot ass doesn’t have an expiration date, but it does have to ripe for the plucking

[Matthew’s archive at The Sword]  |  [Matthew Bosch at TitanMen]
hottest asses gay porn 2017

[Sean’s archive at The Sword]  |  [Sean Ford at Helix Studios]

And speaking of mouth watering puckers …
hottest asses gay porn 2017[Corbin’s archive at The Sword]  |  [Corbin Colby at Helix Studios]


gay porn star eddy ceeteeThere’s the destination known as Alex Mecum

colt rivers sebastian kross falconThe backside talents of Colt Rivers are legendary

nixon fucks sean bareback sean codyAnd Nixon’s ass needs to be tapped again and soon at Sean Cody


No matter what kind of ass you like, they are even better when they are not just decorative. After all, use it lose it. And seeing any of these bubble butts become deflated would be a crime against nature.

These are some of my favorites asses – who are yours?

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