All righty Lorenzo and Tegan: How Many Lick Does It Take?

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At Chaosmen, they describe Lorenzo as “a hot mixed-heritage guy. There is a touch Caucasian, some Puerto Rican and a little Middle-eastern in his genetic cocktail.”

“Half Syrian, gay, and has always wanted to do porn” is their introduction to Tegan.

What happens when these two hairy, horny studs throw down raw?

[Watch Lorenzo & Tegan RAW at ChaosMen]

From ChaosMen:
I knew Lorenzo and Tegan would look great together, but they both have very different personalities. Lorenzo is all about sports, school, and the parties that go with them. Tegan is more reserved and a Bohemian type.

So I was little worried they would not click, but now I don’t know why I ever worried. They both hit it off right away, and you can see the chemistry brimming in this video.

Lots of kissing and Lorenzo takes his sweet time playing with Tegan’s cock. You can tell he delights in teasing Tegan until he is bone hard. Lorenzo spins around on top of Tegan, who begins to eat his hole aggressively.

After getting rimmed, Lorenzo basically plants his cock in Tegan’s mouth. Tegan gets his cock nice and hard so that Lorenzo can fuck him.

Tegan is more of a Top, but has been exploring getting fucked. He takes a lot of selfies, that show-off his amazing ass, and it is so hot to see him finally getting fucked. So it is a shame to not see him take it up the bum.

They flip-flop fuck, and Tegan starts to pound Lorenzo. He fucks him doggy-style and then on his back. That of course made Lorenzo cum, and it looks like a double cum shot as you can tell Lorenzo has two giant spasms.

Tegan tugs on his own cock, juicing Lorenzo’s hole.

This is a super-hot pairing with two guys that are obviously into each other!

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