“Don’t Love Me For My Body” Says Man With 9.5 Pound Silicone Dick

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Is a 9.5 Pound Silicone Dick All That It’s Cracked Up To Be?

You may remember when we talked about Micha Stunz, the 45 year old German who “enhanced” his penis with silicone to size of nine inches long, three inches wide and the weight of a large newborn … nine and one-half pounds!

9.5 pound silicone penis

Micha recently told The Daily Mail that he now worries “future partners might only love him for his body,” while lamenting to Vice, “After you reach a certain size, you can’t do certain things any more.” In other words, be careful what you wish for, boys …

“If some woman gets breast enlargements, nobody says anything about it. If a man does something very similar to his body, it’s worth making a documentary about.” ~Micha Stunz

Micha Stunz captivated the folks at Vice to the degree that did a pretty in-depth profile which you can read here or, if you have already juiced your oranges this morning and have thirteen extra minutes, watch the video below …

(h/t Vice and The Daily Mail)

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