The Latest In 3-D Printing: Your Own Dick

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The untapped genius of 3-D printing is that it allows you to personalize consumer objects. Yep, you guessed it. That now includes your dick.

Printing 3D sex toys isn’t exactly new believe it or not. Already, if you live in the Big Apple The New York Toy Collective with take a 3-D photograph and print out an exact replica. Just like they did for hairy hispter Noah Kaplan:
3-d printed sex-toys

If you are narcissisticly included and can think of no greater joy than fucking yourself with your own perfect penis, you can stop reading here and head to New York to place your order. However I suspect there are things even Joel Birkin would change about that cock of his which leaves the rest of us with a long list of dicks mods we’d like to make. And now we can.

The ‘Dildo Generator’ lets you tweak a base penile model until the perfect penis is achieved. Save it, export the 3-D file of your dream dick for printing and your idealized manhood can be forever immortalized in silicone.

3-d printed sex-toys

When it comes to things you will inserting into a human cavity, it’s not size and shape that matters, but also texture itself. Software developer Ikaros Kappler ingenious devised a work-around:

3-d printed sex-toys

The first results were directly printed dildos, made with PLA (polylactic acid), which is pretty brittle and hard,” he said. “Not a nice material for sex toys.” So they decided instead to print molds that can then be filled with silicone to make the actual toy, with fewer sharp edges. And for hygenic cleaning when you are done.”

Seems like everything has been thought of except the white elephant in the room: once you have designed your divine dong, how the hell do you get it printed.

Now is my turn to share a work-around: the UPS Store will print it for you at over 100 location nation wide.

Don’t you just love technology?!

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