Open Letter to Randy Blue

Posted November 11, 2005 7:06 PM by

free-gay-porn-randy-blue-johnny-yawn.jpgDear Randy Blue,

I don’t mean to whine. And I love your site. But just when I thought I’d gotten over Johnny Castle — the buttery Jersey husband you first photo’d earlier this week — you introduced pics from a new shoot. There’s something so Playgirl about this one — the v-neck t-shirt and turquoise boxers, the sexy yawn and sleepy eyes — I feel like I’m 12 and jerking it while watching my cousin wash the family Impala. I’m on a Johnny bender and need to see the whole video, stat. WHERE IS IT, RANDY — I’m hooked!

(pics after the jump…)



Oh, and can I have his number?

Thanks for your help,