Lucas’ Heated Encounters

Posted May 9, 2006 9:05 PM by

Lucas-Entertainment-Encount.jpgThere are few things better than getting stuck in a porn rut. Rather than having to fast forward through unrewarding scene after unrewarding scene, porn ruts allow the all-to-rare erotic rewind: the same movie gets you hot over and over. As with a good mainstream movie (or a good lover), you find new and hotter elements with each repeat consumption. You fetishize certain elements, and fall in love with others.

However, the adult industry produces 11,000 porn videos each year, and studios operate with the presumption that porn consumers need a constant flow of new titles to keep them entertained. I think that’s totally incorrect. We need (and should demand) a small number of great titles.

I was crazy about “Dorm Room Education,” a scene in director Tony Dimarco’s first Encounters disk (Heat of the Night) for Lucas Entertainment earlier this year. The follow-up is no exception, and like its predecessor there’s one scene that I can’t stop watching. “On the DL” follows a similar script as did the original Encounters‘ “Dorm Room Education” — low lights, sexually awkward interaction and unconventionally attractive men having riveting sex. There’s little glamour and even less explanation when boyish Adam Young drops by unshorn Wilson Vasquez‘s New York walk-up looking for a couch on which to crash. Wilson goes to sleep, but when Adam finds some (straight) porn to cure his boredom, he wakes his host. What follows is an uneasy dance between two minor acquaintances (their relationship isn’t explained, but it’s barely social — like your little brother’s friend). Their eyes focus on the straight porn even as their hands move into less familiar territory.

As with “Dorm Room Education,” “On the DL” doesn’t spend laborious amounts of time on endless close-ups of brightly lit penetration. It’s there and the guys are fucking, but DiMarco spends a good deal of time capturing the smaller moves and subtler negotiations of desire that make real encounters so hot. It’s a phenomenal scene that’s keeping the waterfall of new porn I receive at bay for another week.


Adam Young

Wilson Vasquez