Join D-List: Make A Friend, Molest A Gay Porn Star

Posted August 2, 2006 1:22 AM by

Please say hello to a new sponsor,, an all-gay social networking sites that lies in the domain somewhere between MySpace and Manhunt. Notorious NYC nightlife promoter Daniel Nardicio is part owner; his affiliation with the site draws lots of NY-based club personalities and porn stars (Owen Hawk, Cory Koons, Hunter and Damon). As a bonus, Dlist also features extensive photo galleries of his legendarily orgiastic, debauch-filled parties which feature said porn stars just begging for a quick molestation in return for a dollar or two slipped into the old G.

“Why is this getting in between me and my porn?,” you might be asking yourself? Click continue to check out a gallery of pics from thier parties — I think you’ll quickly understand.







p.s. If you join, add me as your friend!