‘Big’ Tease: Buckshot Calls In Truckers

Posted September 15, 2005 8:02 AM by


It’s a little know fact that most of the men in my family — at one point or another drove trucks. Big, fat 18-wheelers; my dad even had a Mack. So you’ll excuse me if I get more than a little excited about COLT Studio head John Rutherford’s latest project — the just-finished-filming trucker fantasy, Big Rig. Inspired by real-life truckers (one of whom phoned in to Sirius Radios’s OUTQ Derek and Romaine Show and offered use of his rig).Big Rig won’t be released until the new year — I’ll have to console myself with repeated viewings of the pre-condom classic Joe Kansas City Trucking Co. until then — but Rutherford sent along a couple of pics from the shoot. (I know, I know — I want a better shot of Colby Taylor’s ginormous cock, too). John?