Yusaf Mack: “It Will All Be In My Book”

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yusaf mack hardcore videoUnless you have been in a Halloween candy induced sugar coma, and clearly away from GayPornBlog, you the tale of Yusaf Mack. He’s the retired professional boxer — and father of ten — whose world was turned upside when his participation in a gay hardcore three way made mainstream headlines. Initially, Yusaf Mack claimed be a “women-loving whore monger” who was drugged by the production company, DawgPound USA.

GayPornBlog was the first the bring you the hardcore video where it sure appeared the only influence he was under was his hormones and the dicks in his hands, mouth and ass. What do you know. After a legal pushback from the producers, yesterday Yusaf Mack admitted to be being “completely aware and fully conscious during the film” and “I am a bisexual man,” in a rather thoughtfully written mea culpa we carried yesterday.

But what there’s more! In what I am assuming was taped before his Yusaf’s statement of admission, Yusaf Mack reached out to TMZ and gave them an interview where he answered not a damn thing saying what wasn’t a pressing legal matter will be covered in his forthcoming book:

The question of how he could write a book if his has no memory because of the drugs he was given was also glossed over by Yusaf Mack. He said the minute the scandal broke, his new manager and crisis advisor told him to start writing.

Yusaf Mack revealed the name of that new handler in his statement yesterday to be Anthony Cherry, whom he identified as his “consultant.”

Turned out Anthony Cherry is a big time coiffer to the Hollywood set:


Isn’t opposed to showing a little skin himself …


And seems to enjoy promoting LA night life himself.

Which does beg the question exactly what Anthony Cherry is consulting Yusaf Mack about … how to get his tell-all into Oprah’s Book Club?


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