YouTube Round Up: Viva Bigorexia!

Posted May 24, 2006 7:52 AM by with 10 comments

If you’re feeling scrawny or flabby or in any way dysmorphic about your bod, you might want to skip over this round up of the best, most unabashedly narcissistic muscle worship clips currently playing on the YouTube.

1: Mark Dalton stuffs his big business into a charmeuse bikini. The lycra boxer briefs weren’t gay enough, I guess …
2: Yesterday’s lust objectFratmen.TV’s Carter is maybe more in love with his abs than I am.

3: Venerable Jetset muscle worhsipees Gauge and Joey Jordan do some quad flexin’.

4: Mark Dalton (again) makes out with an arm (his own, natch).

5: Nick Steel rubs down (and measures) all of Marco Rossi’s major (and massive) muscle groups.

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10 responses to YouTube Round Up: Viva Bigorexia!

  1. cy May 24th, 2006 at 8:14 AM

    why what can i do to get the activeX run when i come to this site?


  2. musclelover May 24th, 2006 at 10:38 AM

    where can i get the full footage of nick steel and marco rossi’s video?


  3. Marc May 24th, 2006 at 1:48 PM

    I do not find Mark Dalton appealing whatsoever. There is nothing remotely hot about a man who beats his wife and goes to jail for domestic abuse.I also find it sad and disturbing that gay men are supporting him. Dalton himself is not even gay and all he has done is masturbate in a Falcon video. Big whoop. I know there are gay for pay models working in the industry, but at least many of them have done more than just whack it and gyrate around a stripper pole. I know some of you will disagree with me, and that is your right. I feel the only way gay men will move forward is if we stop this “in praise and worship of straight men who flash us a cock every now and then, but are probably repulsed by our presence.”


  4. Nate May 24th, 2006 at 5:41 PM

    I understand where you are coming from Marc. But, I don’t think what you see is “praise and worship of st8 men”. Yes there are lots of “str8 guy” sites and gay for pay models but its like everything else fantasy.

    I am gay and I like to see dick. If the guy is hot and flashing dick I will look at it. I’m not worshiping anything and I bet alot of others arent either.


  5. joluvr May 25th, 2006 at 5:09 AM

    Dalton’s also a major P’n’P er. THat’s from a respected who to deal with him professionally in the past few months. Not a surpise.


  6. Eric May 26th, 2006 at 6:29 AM

    Gay…straight…whatever! He’s about as masculine and sexy as a plate of burnt grits on Christmas morning!


  7. ram May 27th, 2006 at 2:28 PM

    Mark Dalton has a hot ass but his dick is so small


  8. Grant May 29th, 2006 at 8:57 AM

    Joluvr, I am embarassed to say that I don’t know what P’n’P er is.


  9. John June 16th, 2006 at 4:28 PM

    You can see Marco Rossi muscle rubdowns on .


  10. John N. July 3rd, 2006 at 2:05 PM

    I think Marc Dalton is super hot, but I have no desire to see a straight guy who’ll appear on gay videos and do nothing but jerk off. There are plenty of men just as hot, and even hotter who’ll get down and dirty doing the things we gay men love to see (Jason Adonis, Erik Rhodes, Matthew Rush to name a few), and not tease us. Marc a great looking guy, but I’d rather spend my hard earned money watching hot men actually have sex with somebody other than themselves.


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