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“I’m amazed it’s not famous. Maybe there’s just not enough interest in it?” ~Will Young

Will Young is a British singer who rose to fame competing in the reality talent show “Pop Idol.”

He’s had several hits on the charts since then and literally stepped back into the television limelight when he signed up for “Strictly Come Dancing” in 2016.

In March 2002, Young publicly came out as gay, pre-empting a tabloid newspaper from outing him.

And he’s also starred in “Cabaret”.
will young dick picBut it’s his frank interview in the recently published, “Good As You”, which explores LGBTI life and history in the UK, that opened a Pandora’s Box of his own making.

Will has always been frank when it comes to discussing his sexuality, substance issues, and his porn addiction.
will young dick picAs quoted in GayStarNews, “‘Being agoraphobic, clubbing isn’t quite my thing,’ he said. ‘So you go on Grindr’. ‘I’m amazed that, given the amount of people I’ve sent pictures of my cock to, that it’s not become famous, too. Maybe there’s just not enough interest in it? I’m partly offended … God knows why it’s not out there somewhere.”



There’s a reason why they call NakedSword the “Netflix of Gay Porn”
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will young dick picNot bad. Not bad at all.

Every male celebrity has a cock. It’s what they do with it that counts. Especially when we can see it!

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