Who Wants To Be A Porn Star?

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One of the most common questions Mike and I get from readers is how to break into porn. And, for the record, it’s pretty easy:

  1. Take some pics of yourself: Snap a couple of clear, non-artsy pictures of your face, body, and cock. Better yet, get a friend to take them. Honesty counts here; you’re not gonna get any bonus points for being creative.
  2. Do some research: Find the porn studio or website that’s right for you. If you’re vanilla, don’t try to be the next Grapik Art model. If you’re a twink, don’t apply to Mustang
  3. Submit your photos online: Look for a “Apply to be a Model” link on the website for the company you want to work for and you’re done — they all have them.

It all may seem pretty obvious, but take a second to appreciate how easy we have it now. Before digital cameras and the internet, you’d have to drop polaroids of yourself in the mail and hope some pervy mailman didn’t get to your letter first.


That being said, there are casting calls for two porn projects that don’t come around very often. Casting for the feature version of I Want Your Love, which I’m helping produce, starts next week. Director Travis Mathews and I will be in New York doing screen tests with potential stars on 7/28 – 7/30. We’ll be holding casting sessions in San Francisco sometime in August or September. Granted, IWYL isn’t straight-up gay porn — if falls somewhere between porn and art on the film spectrum — but cast members will have to have sex on camera (as well as act). If you’re interested in applying or want to learn more about the production, check out the I Want Your Love site. Previous porn or acting experience isn’t necessary.


If you’re less interested in making art and more interested in making porn, 3-D auteur Dominic Ford is also looking for perspective porn stars for a reality TV style/porn hybrid project called So You Think You Can Fuck, filming in Fort Lauderdale on August 16-23. Sort of like a porn version of Project Runway, ten contestants will compete in a five-episode series that will appear on DominicFord.com, and viewers will vote on the winner. You can apply here — but hurry; you’ll only have until August 9th.

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  1. Anonymous July 25th, 2010 at 9:20 AM

    Don’t forget to mention you’re gay 4 pay and mention your heterosexuality at least 17 times. It is a real bonus if you include a picture of your girlfriend too.

    Gay porn is so fucking dead.


  2. PHopper August 1st, 2010 at 4:22 PM

    Actually there are 3 criteria :

    1. Be photogenic
    2. Be an exhibitonist
    3. Be in good physical shape. Got to have stamina.

    Good luck.


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