Who Won ‘Fame Game?’ The Audience!

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I knew there was something missing today. Fame Game. The only drag about the finale last Wednesday meant like anything good, eventually it too had to come to an end. And Fame Game was a lot better than just good.

Fame Gameis not just a video. Fame Game from NakedSword Originals is the kind of big-marquee adult film I see so rarely now because in addition to lack in budgets, there is also dearth in the talent department capable of pulling it off as a collective, final product that delivers an experience that is satisfying in every way. Fame Game had neither of those issues. Everything about Fame Game was plentiful … especially the cum shots. Everyone’s.

Not just the mechanics of the sex, but the passion behind it that advanced not just the scenes, not just the characters, but overall story line of film that does something rare these days. Fame Game made me forget that I work in porn and let just become a fan again. That started with the very first scene.

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“I’ll Do Anything” was the title of the first episode with Adam Ramzi and Leon Fox. Adam shared with me about the scene, “Leon has a very intense connection to his own sexuality, so when we were filming there were a few times that I tapped into that myself, and it brought out a dominant side in me that was so fucking hot.” I’ll say.


[Watch Adam Ramzi and Leon Fox Play The Game … And Win]

This was followed by “Incriminating Evidence” with NakedSword Exclusive Killian James and oh-so-fuckable Kyle Kash.
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Just look at Kyle Kash’s throbber jump off those killer abs as Killian repeatedly hits Kyle’s prostate with the accuracy of a professional baseball player at a junior high batting cage: every time and right on the money. Bravo, Killian. I didn’t he had that in him. Kyle Kash sure did though and gave five dicks up.

[See Kyle Kash Get His Golden Ass Royally Reamed Then Take a Load to the Face]

“Selfie Sabotage” is up next. NakedSword Exclusive Bray Love was able to work with his dream partner, Topher Dimaggio, As you will see, this turned into a wet dream and how …
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“Our cumshots were amazing! I shot over myself onto the wall and his was like a fire hose that someone forgot to hold onto.”

[See Topher Dimaggio Blast Bray Love in an Epic Post-Fuck Facial]

The finale, “Taste of Revenge” lived up to the meaning of climax in every possible way thanks the incredible chemistry between NakedSword Exclusive Mickey Taylor and Falcon Studio Group Exclusive Boomer Banks.
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“I honestly went into the scene with a little fear,” Mickey Taylor told me. Though he sure left with a smile on his face even if he did have to hobble all the way home.

Unzip right now …

[Watch Mickey Taylor Win the real ‘Fame Game’ Prize: Eleven Inches of Boomer Dick]

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