Wet Palms Dispatch: Porn Soap Opera Set Site of Gay Drama

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Jack and I spent the morning shooting at the Abbey. Turns out I have a new love and his name is Brad Benton (old Freshmen pic at left, the skamp)! Not only is he charming and hunky, he played the little brother of Kelly Kapowski (Tiffani Amber-Theissen) on Saved By The Bell: The College Years. Could you die? I think I have … and gone to porn heaven!In other news, I have also fallen in love with Jason Ridge (there’s some competition with Jack over this one) and Cody Cash (likewise). With Rob Romoni and Ethan Marc on the way, the Wet Palms set may spawn its own gay dramas and scandals, for rills.

Did I mention we’re in a bathhouse for the duration?


Love? Puh-lease! Speak for yourself, Marylou. After my very brief and ultimately unsatisfying “I only date porn stars” rebound phase of Late 2003-Early 2004, I know better than to pursue any person who earns his dollar via flirtation. Besides anyone who knows me knows I’m all about Michael Soldier and Rod Barry.


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