We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Gag Reflex

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Casting in gay porn can be a tricky business. Falcon sure got it right today. Brenner Bolton is just the kind of bottom a man like Austin Wolf needs: voracious, hungry and with absolutely no visible gag reflex whatsoever.

[Watch Austin Wolf Own Brenner Bolton’s Every Hole]

From Falcon Studios:
austin wolf free gay porn videoAustin Wolf has a three-day beard and a deep chest sprinkled with hair. Brenner Bolton is smooth and toned. His face gets buried between Austin’s strong pecs. Brenner licks Austin’s nipples, then tours his armpits with his tongue. Austin squeezes Brenner’s ass, stretching his hole and teasing it with his fingers. Continuing his tongue bath of Austin, Brenner ends at his cock, which he swallows deeply Austin adds his spit as more lube for the blow job until Austin’s balls won’t let him go any further. Stroking his wet cock, Austin pushes his face into the cleft between Brenner’s ass cheeks, drilling him with his tongue and fingers. Brenner’s ass is heated up, and he heats up Austin’s in return when like an afternoon in the desert. Austin plants his hole on Brenner’s face. Showing off his sexual prowess, Austin takes Brenner through a two-position fuck that culminates in high arcs of cum erupting from Brenner’s cock. Austin scoops it up and feeds it to him, aiming his own load at Brenner’s mouth. Exhausted and relieved, they share a cum-filled kiss [Watch This Scene]

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