Vin Marco: The Gay Porn Blog Interview

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vin marco gay porn starI first became aware of Vin Marco about six months ago when a certain picture of him looking very Vin Diesel was making rounds on the blogoshere.

I’ve since learned he’s more than just a pretty face ( … er … and cock) — he recently started his own company called Manifest Men where, among other things, he sells his lavishly produced muscle worship DVDS (to date: the Mad Max-esque “Desert Warrior” and “Staining Vegas”).

He was nice enough to grant me an interview, and all I can say is “Move over Zeb Atlas.”

Birthday: January 6, Capricorn
Height: 6’1″
Weight: 220 lbs
Cock: 9″vin marco gay porn starTell us a bit about Manifest Men.
I’m one of the two co-founders. Our goal was to put out a product totally new in terms of style and quality. We felt like the same old thing was being done over and over. I was so tired of seeing a hot guy in a pair of cut off shorts, construction boots and a hard hat. The stud next to the pool thing was another thing that studios could break away from. We really hoped to offer the public something I felt the industry was lacking and breaking away from the mold that the current studios seem to be stuck in. Before that, I was a Web cam performer and did some modeling for other studios. After about two years I realized I wanted to own my images and be really proud of a product where my own creativity could be used.

We currently have two videos for sale (“Staining Vegas” and “Desert Warrior”) and one in post-production (“How”) featuring Gabriel Marco, my real blood brother!

Your brother? No shit — that’s hot! How much pursuading did that take?
Gabriel is honestly my REAL brother.  We have always been really close.  I think our mother raised us to be that way.  He used to watch me give webcam shows and would beg me to get him on cam!  He’s such the show off, how could I not turn him loose?  He’s not only my brother but my friend and I’m lucky to have him.  Watch out for him!!

So what kind of action can viewers expect in “Staining Vegas” and “Desert Warrior”? Is it all solo for you, or do we finally get to see you get it on with another guy?
I think that in “Staining Vegas”  the viewer will  see  that we put a lot of effort to make it really different in terms of what is so common in the gay male erotica.  “Staining Vegas” was done up to the max from the hotels, wardrobes, props to the very idea of a high rolling character who calls the shots and lets people know he means business!!  Most of my work has always been solo, but in this particular movie I was a lot more interactive than I had ever been.  I had done some muscle worship clips that had involved other talent but in “Staining Vegas” I got  more than muscle worship.
Are you gay, straight, or bi?
Among the many things I’m very thankful for, gay male erotica has given me the opportunity to explore ALL facets of my sexuality.  I guess some come out or get a chance to be who they really for different reasons or at different stages of their lives.  I’m just really happy and content with who I am sexually.  I have never been able to quite classify myself and I think I’m really happy with that.  I’ve always contended that ” A hard-on won’t lie”.

What turns you on?
Confidence turns me on.  Add muscle to confidence and you have one totally turned on Vincent Marco.  My turn-ons are not always physical. I think that I’m so physical that I really like to see the non physical features about others.

Biggest turn-off?
My biggest turn off is selfishness.  I am so turned of by greed and self involved people  Like I’ve always maintained, my biggest turn ons have never been about the physical, the same goes for my biggest turn off.

vin marco gay porn starWhat was the first porno you ever saw?
I could not tell you the first porno I ever saw.  I don’t think I can even remember that far back.  You’re talking to a guy that started masturbating at the age of 4.

What’s your workout routine like?
My workout routine varies depending on the physical goal I’m striving for. Typically my day starts our with some sort of cardiovascular activity (hopefully including ” mattress aerobics” )  on an empty stomach.  After cardio I’ll have my breakfast then about an hour later I’m in the gym hitting the weights 5 -6 days a week.  I tend to go heavy on the weights.
Last non-porn day job?
I worked at a nuclear power plant. Yeah, I used to be Homer Simpson. It was hard to be at work all day, come home late, go to the gym, eat properly and then hit the bed. I did that daily routine for way too long. This industry has allowed me to do what I love most.  The chance to be able to train properly, rest, and last but definitely not least to SHOW IT ALL OFF!  How could I not love what I do?  Along with all this comes freedom with which I can truly express who I am.

Is your name an homage to Vin Diesel?
It was given to my by my friend, Charlie.  I had nothing to do with it.  My middle name is Vincent and Charlie shortened it a little.  I do find it a little interesting that people say Vin Diesel looks like me ;)  I have been shaving my head for 11 years now, and about 4 years ago I started to hear that there was an actor that could pass for my twin. 

Have you ever met Vin Diesel?
I have never met him but I would be curious to see his facial expression if he ever saw me.


vin marco gay porn star

vin marco gay porn star

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