Second Amendment Lovers

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Want A Gun? Suck A Dick! And if you want a full round of ammo, well, bend over, butt boy.

gay porn star tristan jaxxNakedSword & Falcon Studios Group President Tim Valenti said: ‘Steve Cruz has done an incredible job at showing off the potential of the hot Second Amendment activists and regular gun toting Americans. I think all Second Amendment lovers should be required to suck a dick before buying a gun.” And with that, it’s time for target practice with Tristan Jaxx and Daymin Voss.

gay porn star tristan jaxxAfter Tristan proved he was good student of the Constitution by returning the favor, he demonstrated when it came to eating a hole, he was one of the founding fathers of rimming.

gay porn star tristan jaxxAfter bending Daymin over to tap that juicy ass, Daymin took Tristan’s dick for one helluva joy ride.

gay porn star tristan jaxxThe gay porn sensibility I promised, the first part is the gusher Tristan fucks out of Daymin. The second part is Tristan’s endless blast like firehouse that can’t be turned off. And the third: the resulting white lake clinging to every follicle on Daymin’s furry, expansive torso. Ready. Aim. Fire.

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